ABC (Abracadabra) NFT: The 100% community owned project

Made to remind you of how fun things were when you were a kid.
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Over the past couple years, NFTs have been an immense blessing in promoting immutable ownership in digital representation. In fact, some of the most interesting perks include forging a way to own any digital asset in a decentralized, permissionless, and free way. Meanwhile, NFTs also benefit from blockchain technology’s anonymity, thereby giving owners total privacy.

These and several other advantages of NFTs have bolstered an enabling platform for more innovative NFT projects. However, despite benefiting from blockchain technology’s open and trustless nature, it is always a mystery that accountability and transparency are lacking in many NFT projects.

ABC banner

Fortunately, the emergence of ABC (Abracadabra) NFT has turned the tide in terms of price, popularity, and transparency. The Solana-based NFT is a 100% community-driven project that has shown true immutability and dedication to multitudes of NFT enthusiasts. It has no minting, launchpad, social media, or roadmaps.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about the ABC (Abracadabra) NFT, its unique features, its price analysis, and where you can get your own.

What is the Abracadabra (ABC) NFT Collection?

The ABC or Abracadabra NFT project is a collection of 10,000 uniquely created immutable NFTs. Like its name, the Abracadabra NFT collection sounds like magic, a collection which, according to its creator, was “made to remind you of how fun things were when we were kids, before growing up.”

ABC (Abracadabra) rarity
ABC (Abracadabra) rarity

The collection consists of 14 types of entities distributed at different percentages in the collection. 1% (100) of the total supply has been reserved exclusively as 1/1s to reward past and future contributors to the project.

The reason for the rise in adoption and popularity of the ABC collection is not far-fetched. The collection has zero royalties and no official rarity, giving rise to a new approach of free, fair, and equal NFT ownership. In addition, it has no official social media channels on Discord, Twitter, or Telegram.

The person behind it all

The collection was launched by HGESOL which the Solana alias of infamous NFT collection and OpenDAO contributor 9x9x9. HGESOL released the entire ABC collection directly on Magic Eden with no whitelist or mint. With this, interested holders could have a fair and equal chance at owning the NFT without having to fight for whitelist positions, launchpads, or minting wars.

The collection was unveiled on Aug 22 with each NFT being listed for 1.23 SOL, an “upfront cost to bringing the collection to life.”

The ABC Abracadabra NFTs is a one-of-a-kind collection that solely revolves around bringing back childhood memories to digital art and representation. According to the HGESOL, the collection is memorabilia rather than a project and the collection has no team since it is a purely community-driven project. 

ABC price action

Since its release, the ABC Abracadabra NFT collection has enjoyed huge support from the community, with its floor price soaring higher than most collections on secondary marketplaces. The floor price peaked at 79 SOL on the Sep 7, a 6320% increase in just two weeks post-launch.

ABC floor price
ABC/SOL floor price

The ABC collection’s floor price alone is enough indication of the project’s success. Although the project was not meant to be an investment, it has outperformed several over NFT collections, sitting in second place among top competitors in the last 30 days. ABC is currently trading at 49 SOL (3900% increase) and has accrued more than 373,000 SOL (sales) in less than 30 days of release.

Top NFT collections
Top NFT collections – Source: CryptoSlam

Alright, how can I buy one?

The ABC Abracadabra NFT collection is listed on popular Solana NFT marketplaces, like Magic Eden. It is also available on the multi-chain OpenSea marketplace. However, the collection usually fetches a higher price on OpenSea due to the lower amount of listings. Currently, ABC is trading at 65 SOL on Opensea, compared to 49 SOL on Magic Eden. 

ABC collection - MagicEden

Therefore, the disparity in floor prices between these secondary marketplaces makes Magic Eden a more suitable option. If you’re new to NFTs and you’d like to buy an Abracadabra NFT from Magic Eden, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Fund your Solana-based crypto wallet with enough SOL. Recommended ones include Phantom,, or Solflare. You can easily buy SOL from reputable centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.
MagicEden landing page
  1. Navigate to and connect your wallet by clicking on CONNECT WALLET in the top right corner of the homepage.
Connect to MagicEden
Connect wallet to MagicEden
  1. After connecting your wallet, use the search bar and look for the Abracadabra collection.
Purchase ABC
Purchase ABC
  1. In the collection, choose a preferred NFT and click on BUY NOW to purchase the NFT instantly. If you have a set price you’d like to pay, you can MAKE AN OFFER and wait for it to be accepted.

What next for the ABC NFT collection?

Even though the Abracadabra has no roadmap, it certainly has a lot in store for its community. During the first few days post-launch, HGESOL unveiled the first mystery of the collection with the introduction of HadeSwap, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) for NFTs. Similar to Ethereum-based Sudoswap, the AMM platform will solve the problem of illiquidity in NFTs by facilitating the creation of NFT liquidity pools.

Apart from this, ABC’s community is expanding its use cases with partnerships across the board. Just recently, the collection partnered with BitBrawl’s P2E game to extend its use as a playable character in the game. The collection also boasts partnerships with Solana-based mega Lunar Project, Gothic Degen, and other NFT projects.

Driving value in the NFT space

Over the past few days after its release, the ABC collection has proven to be more than just another PFP NFT or just memorabilia. It holds great value with inclusive ingenuity, a beacon for fair, equal, and free ownership within the NFT space. With this, holders can come together to build a great NFT ecosystem that accommodates different levels of enthusiasts.

All in all, the collection is a show of creative thinking, huge community support, and a priceless artifact that holds the memory of our past. In less than 30 days of release, the ABC NFT has witnessed unprecedented and impressive traction. Its growth and approach will remain a standard for many upcoming NFT projects.

The collection has also proven that the success of an NFT project or collection is not a game of numbers but rather creativity and value. This is a motivation for creators who are skeptical about the success of their projects.

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