AFL Mint releases first NFT collection ‘Ripper Skipper’, sells out in 12 hours

AFL Mint releases first NFT collection 'Ripper Skipper', sells out in 12 hours

The Australian Football League (AFL) has joined some of the biggest sporting leagues in the world with the release of their new NFT drop that sold in less than 12 hours.

Earlier this year, the Australian football League partnered with Animoca Brands to launch a Non-Fungible token market place, and it has witnessed a huge take up of its first limited edition NFT drop.

Titled The Ripper Skipper drop, it required fans to join a wait list in order to purchase one of the 3800 NFTs that were sold in less than 12 hours.

The 3,800 packs reserved for the drop came with a price of around 35 USDC, and the project has generated over $130,000 in USDC.

It is a collection of 78 significant moments and highlights from the 2021 season and each pack varies in rarity.

There are three rarity categories based on unique moments from the season, they include common, deluxe, and ovation.

Those who participated early have the opportunity to receive a limited edition AFL Mint Genesis Ball NFT.

Mint silver
AFL Mint genesis ball NFT

The General public will also have access to another drop scheduled sometime this month.

This is not the first time we are seeing a major sport league venture into the NFT world, the National Basketball League (NBA) partnered with Dapper Labs in 2020 to launch an NFT market place where sports fans can buy, sell, and trade video clips.

UFC also partnered with Dapper Labs at the start of the year to launch an NFT market place known as UFC Strike. The NFTs feature iconic moments from fights and are designed to celebrate and capture specific instance of UFC history.  

AFL metaverse plans

Through the partnership with Animoca Brands, the AFL plans to explore into the Web3 ecosystem to provide fans with metaverse experience in areas like virtual reality and gaming.

They plan to deliver rewards and real world experience through exclusive events, rewarding fans for game days, hospitality, ticket upgrades, exclusive merchandise and more.

Animoca Brands has also hinted that fans could someday meet up with players in the metaverse as part of their plans to create unique sporting experiences.

The AFL Mint marketplace is set to be fully launched in 2023, and it will enable the selling and trading of NFT moments between fans and collectors.

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