Anthony Hopkins ventures into NFTs with collection inspired by his movie roles

Anthony Hopkins ventures into NFTs with collection inspired by his movie roles

Sir Anthony Hopkins is venturing into the NFT realm by launching an exclusive NFT collection based on his illustrious career.

The NFTs, called The Eternal Collection, were created in partnership with digital NFT studio Orange Comet.

They are not officially for sale yet, but anyone interested can sign up and receive updates about when they will be available.

The project includes three drops themed around a set of 10 digitally rendered as interpretations of Hopkins’ “Jungian Archetypes” of characters the actor has played throughout his career.

These archetypes include jester, lover, sage, magician and more.

The NFT collection will also portray Hopkins works as a painter.

The Eternals NFT collection

The Eternal is set to be released on September 16, on OpenSea.

What Hopkins thinks about NFTs

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Hopkins NFT

Hopkins favorite piece, “The Last”, is inspired by his most famous character from his iconic 1991 horror film The Silence of the Lambs, villain Hannibal Lecter.

The NFTs come with additional hidden rewards, and a lucky winner will stand a chance to have dinner with Anthony Hopkins.

The actor is 84 years old, and you might wonder what he is doing around the NFT space.

Hopkins said that his interest in NFTs grew after one of his recent movies Zero Contact, was released exclusively as an NFT.

Hopkins told reporters during a preview of the collection that:

“NFT is for me a blank canvas to create art in a new format, it fun to be the old guy on the block – the oldest guy. I’m interested in and fascinated by young people. But inspiration is reciprocal, and so I’m hoping to also return some inspiration to people by saying that everything is possible. Give it a whirl, have a go. That’s what I did in my life.”

The CEO of Orange Comet Dave Broome added in a separate statement that:

“We knew this is a unique opportunity for the world of NFTs, this relationship is a superb symbiosis of technology and art from one of the finest actors and artist of our day. With Orange Comet at the helm, Sir Anthony Hopkins work will inspire for generations to come.”

Hopkins has worked with industry leading directors including Steven Spielberg in the historical drama Amistad, the David Lynch classic The Elephant Man, and in Marvels Thor franchise.

Watch the trailer of The Eternal Collection

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