4 Best Aptos NFT Marketplaces in 2024

Best Aptos NFT Marketplaces

Aptos has seen tremendous success since coming onto the crypto scene in late 2022. Much of which can be attributed to Aptos’ unique programming language –  Move – which allows developers to build dApps in a streamlined and efficient manner whilst also costing significantly less than other blockchains.

The Aptos blockchain continues to attract participation from various crypto sectors, particularly the NFT space, as we’re seeing a new marketplace launch on Aptos every other day.

Even though it has only been in operation for a few months, Aptos is home to a rapidly developing and vibrant NFT ecosystem with some of the best marketplaces around

The leading NFT marketplaces on Aptos have been attracting a high level of engagement from investors and collectors from other chains. These marketplaces are best positioned to become the cornerstones of Aptos, with massive potential for growth

Our picks for the best Aptos NFT marketplace:

Which is the best Aptos NFT marketplace?

1. BlueMove

Leading NFT marketplace for cheap fees on Aptos


BlueMove is the leading NFT marketplace built on both Aptos and Sui. The platform has done more than $20 million in sales volume from a combined 10,000 NFT collections. 

BlueMove boasts an extensive range of Aptos NFT projects, including art, collectibles, domain names, gaming, photography, sports, utility, and virtual worlds. 

BlueMove houses several top NFT projects, such as Alphas Sheep, Aptos Wizards, Aptos Koalas Army, and BigFoot Town – to name a few. 

NFT traders and collectors can earn $MOVE tokens – the native token for BlueMove – for listing and trading NFTs on the platform. 

Soon, users will be able to stake their $MOVE tokens and earn a share of a percentage of the marketplace’s transaction fees

BlueMove charges a basic 2% sales fee (in APT) on all NFT sales (except private).

BlueMove supports a variety of wallets, including Pontem, Martian, Petra, Rise, Blocto, and CLV Wallet. 


  • NFT Launchpad: Creators can apply and launch their NFT collections directly on BlueMove, giving clear exposure to their project.
  • Rankings: See top Aptos collections in APT or USD over the last 24 hrs, 7 days, or all time.
  • Top Traders: See the top traders on the BlueMove platform
  • Collection Offer: Create an offer on multiple NFTs within a collection with a set number of items and offer expiration. 
  • Sweep: Purchase the floor NFTs of any collection. Set a max price and total number of NFTs you want to purchase.
  • Instant Sell: Sell your NFT instantly – this will be massively underpriced.

2. Topaz

Best NFT marketplace for beginners on Aptos


Topaz is one of the best NFT marketplaces to discover art, culture, & digital expression. It’s a platform that allows users to create, collect, and explore NFTs on the Aptos blockchain with a dedication to safety and scalability. 

Topaz is pretty stock-standard and is great for those looking for a simple and easy way to buy and sell NFTs on Aptos. 

Topaz charges a slightly higher marketplace fee of 2.5% for all NFT sales. Supported wallets include Pontem, Rise, Martian, Petra, MSafe, Fewcha, and Blocto. 

Some popular NFT projects listed on Topaz include Aptos Monkeys, Pontem Space Pirates, Bruh Bears, and Aptomingos.


  • Explore: View the top trending collections on the Topaz. 
  • Create: Submit your NFT to the Topaz launchpad, which is set to launch soon.
  • Collection Offer & Floor Sweep: Similar to BlueMove where you can place an offer on the entire collection as well as sweep NFTs listed at the floor price.

3. Souffl3

Best NFT marketplace for extra rewards on Aptos


Souffl3 – pronounced like the baked dish – is a NextGen smart trading NFT marketplace built on top of Aptos and Sui.

Souffl3 features a more UI-friendly experience with some additional features, such as a Bake Off rewards system and a “FreeLaunch” program for Aptos NFT creators. 

Souffl3 is compatible with leading Aptos wallets like Petra, Blocto, Pontem, Rise, Fewcha, and more. 

The platform currently has a 2.5% marketplace fee for all transactions. 


  • Flash Deal: Instantly sell your NFT with the highest price of the collection offers.
  • Collection Offer: Similar feature to BlueMove and Topaz. Allows you to create an offer for the entire collection, set a price, and choose the number of NFTs you want to buy.
  • FreeLaunch: Tool that allows creators to self-launch their NFT collections free of charge.
  • Launchpad: See upcoming NFT collections being launched with Souffl3.
  • Bake Off: NFT game where users can collect NFT ingredients and “bake” them to earn rewards, including APT (Aptos token) or whitelist spots.

4. Omni X

Best NFT marketplace for cross-chain compatibility on Aptos


Although still in beta, Omni X is one of the most promising NFT marketplaces coming to the Aptos blockchain. Omni X claims to be web3’s first omnichain NFT marketplace powered by LayerZero and Stargate, allowing users to buy NFTs on any chain – from any chain

Omni X’s NFT marketplace is currently undergoing an Open Beta where users of the community get to test out its upcoming cross-chain features. If you wish to join the Open Beta, can do so by visiting the Omni X website and clicking on Sign Up.

You can also try out the cross-chain NFT experience by visiting the Mint page, minting their genesis collection NFT, and then transferring it to a different chain. Currently, only EMV-compatible chains are supported, however non-EMV support for chains like Aptos, NEAR, and Flow will be added soon.

Aptos is on the rise

Although relatively new, the Aptos network is quickly gaining ground in Web3 with a continuous influx of new users. Now with adopting NFTs to an already vibrant Aptos ecosystem, the young blockchain is sure to flourish in future years. 

The NFT marketplaces we covered represent the best of the best for anyone looking to dive into NFT projects on the Aptos blockchain –  or even looking to launch your own. 

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