Arbitrum Airdrop: What you can do to be eligible

Arbitrum's native token is expected to be airdropped soon. Here are some ways you can potentially be eligible for the airdrop.
Arbitrum Airdrop

There’s quite a lot of speculation that Ethereum layer-2 protocol Arbitrum will be airdropping their native token $ARB (or $ABRI) soon to users of the chain. 

It’s important to note that there has been no confirmation on when or whether there will be an airdrop for Arbitrum. However, recent airdrops have seen users pocket thousands for simply interacting with the protocol, so it’s a no-brainer to be prepared just in case of an airdrop.

Another layer-2, and competitor to Arbitrum, Optimism, recently airdropped their native token $OP to over 130,000 people. It is expected that Arbitrum will follow suit with a similar ruleset to Optimism for claiming the airdrop. 

Those that were eligible for the $OP airdrop were:

  • Optimism users: bridged over ETH from mainnet to Optimism
  • DAO voters: Voted for at least one on-chain proposal 
  • Multi-sig signers
  • Gitcoin donors: Any on-chain donation amount to Gitcoin

How to Claim the Arbitrum Airdrop?

Although there are no set instructions for eligibility for the airdrop, most users expect people who interact with the chain to be eligible. So here are some things you can do to interact with Arbitrum:

Bridging to Arbitrum

The easiest way to potentially qualify for the airdrop is to bridge some ETH from mainnet to Arbitrum. To do so, you can visit and connect your MetaMask wallet.

From there, you can enter the amount you wish to bridge (no minimum). Bridging gas fees usually range from $2-$5.

Add Arbitrum to MetaMask

If you don’t already have Arbitrum added to MetaMask, you can add the Arbitrum One network by clicking on the Network tab at the top, clicking on “Add Network”, and add in the details below:

Interact with Arbitrum dApps

Another way to potentially qualify for the airdrop is to use some of the decentralized applications (dApps) that are built on top of Arbitrum.

Connect your wallet, move some funds around, and try actually using the protocols for their intended purposes.

Some popular dApps include:

  • GMX: Decentralized spot and perpetual exchange
  • Mycelium: Perpetual Swaps & Pools
  • Radiant: Omnichain money market
  • VestaFinance: Borrow collateralized stablecoins against assets

You can view all the protocols compatable with Arbitrum here:

Join Arbitrum Discord & Participate

It’s no surprise that protocols want to reward active community members that actively work to grow and onboard more users. Some protocols do this through “Guilds”, which function as small activities that users can partake in.

Although the Guild description reads, “There are no added benefits to joining the guild other than a corresponding role in our Discord,” we thought to add it anyways. 

Arbitrum Discord:


When is the Arbitrum airdrop?

There has been no release date for the Arbitrum airdrop. It’s best to follow the official socials or join the Discord to stay up-to-date.

How to claim the Arbitrum airdrop?

There is no set criteria for being eligible for the Arbitrum airdrop, however it is expected that criteria will be similar to Optimisms’ airdrop.

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