Arbitrum Nitro upgrade is coming: Everything you should know about it

Arbitrum Nitro upgrade is coming Everything you should know about it

The team of Arbitrum plans to implement a major upgrade for Arbitrum at the end of this month. The upgrade is called “Nitro” and is expected to bring several benefits for both users and developers. 

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is the most popular Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution at this moment.

It is developed by Offchain Labs, which has the goal to build a decentralized scaling solution with the same security as Ethereum.

Arbitrum chain is essentially an advanced Ethereum optimistic rollup, with all transactions data being logged on Ethereum.

It allows up to 4500 transactions per second with gas fees 10x lower than on Layer 1.

Nitro upgrade

The Nitro upgrade aims to be a better version of the actual Arbitrum Virtual Machine (AVM).

Steven Goldfeder, the OffChain Labs Co-Founder stated that with this update the team is going to scrap AVM. 

Nitro is expected to decrease the gas fees through Advanced Call Data Compression, which will reduce the amount of data that is posted on Ethereum.

The gas fees on Arbitrum are going to be more dependent on L1 gas fees, however Arbitrum transaction costs will continue to be way cheaper than on Ethereum.

More than that, Nitro will also bring additional L1 compatibility for developers, including full support for all compiles and tighter synchronization with L1 block numbers. 

Odyssey Program

The project team also stated that after the Nitro upgrade goes live on August 31st, the Odyssey program will be resumed.

The Odyssey Program was meant to be an 8-week-long program, with different tasks for Arbitrum users each week. 

The participants should have received NFTs as a reward for each task completed. However, the chain became very congested as some people speculated that those who get these NFTs may be eligible for a token airdrop in the future.

The gas fees on Arbitrum even passed Ethereum gas fees at some point, so the team decided to temporarily pause the program until Nitro upgrade goes live. 


Earlier this month, Offchain Labs launched Arbitrum Nova.

Nova is a new chain optimized for social and gaming applications that require very low fees. Reddit has already implemented community points on Nova.

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Armando Sebi
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