Binance Referral Code 2022: 50% Lifetime Bonus

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Binance Referral Code

If you want to add to your cryptocurrency portfolio or even get into the crypto market for the first time before it makes its next move up, you should check out Binance. The Binance Referral Code is 12378709. Binance is one of the most trusted crypto exchanges globally, and you can enjoy a lifetime fee discount if you sign up now. 

Sign Up

Binance is the best platform to get started with trading cryptocurrencies. We’ve partnered with Binance to off you up to 50% off trading fees (lifetime bonus). Just follow the steps below to join and begin your trading journey. 

  1. Register for a Binance account here
  2. Add the Referral ID code 12378709 where it says ‘Referral ID (Optional)’.
  3. Complete the form and click ‘Create Account’.
  4. Deposit crypto or buy directly through Binance via credit card or bank account. 
  5. Start your trading journey and earn a lifetime bonus of up to 50%. 
Binance Referral Code Sign Up
Binance Referral Code Sign Up

Binance Referral Rewards

By signing up with Binance Referral Code 12378709, users will get a lifetime fee rebate of up to 50% on every crypto transaction they perform on the Binance platform. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of savings over the lifetime of an average crypto investor. 

Go to Binance, create an account, and verify your identity to get started. The whole process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. In addition, Binance uses the latest cyber security technology, so you know your identity, personal information, and assets are always kept safe and secure. 

In addition to the fee rebate for using Binance Referral ID 12378709, users can get an additional 25% off for using the Binance Coin (BNB), Binance’s own digital crypto coin. 

Binance Referral Program

The Binance Referral Program is exceptionally generous and easy to use. Not only do new users save on transaction fees, but you will also have the opportunity to earn a commission on any fees generated by people you refer into the program. As a result, many users passively make hundreds of dollars or more per month. Once you are signed up, nothing more needs to be done on your part. Just enjoy your discount and share your code so you can start to earn your commissions. 

How to Create Your Own Binance Referral Code

Once you create your account, go to your profile and click “Referral” to reveal your Referral Dashboard. Next, scroll down and click on “Your Referral Link”. From here, you can generate your link with a unique code. Anyone who uses that link will earn you a commission. 

What is best is to choose to share your commission with your friends or keep it for yourself. The default is set to give the entire 20% commission to you, but you can set it to share 10% with each of your referrals or divide it up however you want.

About Binance

Binance is the best and one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In addition, they are also an entire ecosystem of blockchain technology and products, including several unique products that allow entrepreneurs to bring their crypto projects to life. 

Our Review After Using Binance

Of the many Cryptocurrency exchanges we have used, we like Binance the best. We have used it for a long time and never have had any problems. We like how quickly the transactions are processed, the low fees and the easy to use graphic interface on the platform. Making deposits and cashing out money is always done very quickly. So many platforms take up to three days to cash out your money; we have never had that problem with Binance. 

In addition to its ease of use, there are hundreds of coins you can trade on the platform, all at low fees, which is phenomenal, including the Binance coin, which earns you money just by having it. 

We also loved the NFT marketplace within Binance. Binance is so much more than a currency trading platform. Many Initial Game Offerings (IGO) are available on the exchange. 

Final Thoughts on Binance

Overall, Binance is a fantastic platform. One thing we noticed was that security is of paramount importance to Binance. Like the rest of the industry, Binance has faced issues concerning theft and hacking. The process to verify identity is comprehensive but is set up to make it very intuitive, fast and stress-free. We do greatly appreciate the two-factor authentication and how simple and seamless it is to log in with the peace of mind of knowing it is secure. 

Binance is a leader in the crypto industry. Getting started was very easy, and the fees were very reasonable considering the quality of the platform, the currencies available, and the cutting edge NFT platform. Transactions are pretty fast, as are deposits into and out of your account. 

The best part about Binance is that users like you can start earning passive income almost instantly by opening an account with Binance Referral Code 12378709, depositing money, investing in crypto and creating your code to share with friends. We have found that everyone who has used our code has given us positive feedback as to their experiences. 

If you want to get into the crypto game and earn a passive income, check out Binance. 

Binance Referral Code: 50% Off Bonus

Get upto 50% off trading fees when you sign up with our Binance referral ID code.