Binance Referral Code: 50% Off + $600 Bonus (2024)

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Binance Referral Code for March 2023

The Binance Referral Code is 12378709 and can be used to claim up to 50% off your Spot and Futures trading fees. For a limited time, claim up to $600 in welcome bonuses by joining with our referral code or signing up via our Binance referral link.

???? Exchange/SignupBinance
???? Referral Bonus50% Off + $600 Bonus
???? Referral Code12378709
✅ Last Checked March 2023

How to Claim the Binance Referral Code

Claiming the referral code is a simple process, follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Register for a Binance account or join using our referral link here
  2. Paste the Referral ID code “12378709” where it says ‘Referral ID (Optional)’
  3. Finish filling in the sign-up form with your Email and Password, then click on ‘Create Account’
  4. Complete the required KYC
  5. Deposit crypto into your Binance account or buy directly through the platform via credit card or bank account
  6. Begin your trading journey using either the Spot or Futures platform and earn a lifetime discount on fees of up to 50%
Binance Referral Code Sign Up
Binance Referral Code Sign Up

Binance Welcome Bonus ($600)

Binance has introduced a new welcome bonus campaign for users who sign up using an affiliate link. To claim the rewards, users must sign up, complete the KYC, and visit the Binance rewards center.

Rewards include:

  • $5 Spot Cashback Voucher: Deposit at least $100 within 5 days of signing up.
  • $25 Spot Cashback Voucher: Spot trade at least $1000 within 7 days of signing up.
  • $70 Spot Cashback Voucher: Spot trade at least $50,000 within 7 days of signing up.
  • $50 Futures Cashback Voucher: Futures trade at least $50,000 within 7 days of signing up.
  • $150 Futures Cashback Voucher: Futures trade at least $1,000,000 within 7 days of signing up.
  • $300 Futures Cashback Voucher: Futures trade at least $5,000,000 within 7 days of signing up.

What is the Binance Referral Bonus?

By signing up with Binance referral code 12378709, users will get a lifetime trading fee rebate of up to 50% on every Spot and Futures transaction they perform on the Binance platform.

In addition to the trading fee rebate, users can get an additional 25% off for using the Binance Coin (BNB) token to pay for trading fees.

How to Join the Binance Referral Program

The Binance referral program is exceptionally generous and easy to use. Not only do new users save on transaction fees, but you will also have the opportunity to earn a commission on any fees generated by people you refer to the program.

The Binance referral program is split into two modes; Lite Referral and Standard Referral.

Lite Referral Program

The Lite Referral Program, as the name suggests, is a ‘lite’ version of the standard referral program giving commissions in USDT credits that can be used to offset trading fees.

When you refer a user via the Lite program, and they deposit more than $50 within the first 14 days of signing up, you will both receive 100 USDT in credits towards trading fees.

To claim your trading fee rebate voucher, you can visit the Rewards Center via the Binance dashboard and redeem it from there. All trading fee rebate vouchers are valid for 14 days after claiming.

Binance also runs a limited-time activity along with the Lite program to further reward and incentivize new user sign-ups.

Binance is currently hosting an online ‘Pacman-styled’ game called DOT DASH. Users can play to compete for the chance to win 1 BTC.

It’s important to note that users who sign up under the Lite referral program are not eligible for rewards from the Standard referral program.

Standard Referral Program

The standard referral program rewards referrers and referees with a discount on Spot and Futures trading fees. It is recommended for anyone who plans on referring a large number of users, as the rewards are typically higher in the long-term.

As a referrer, you can set the commission split for your referral link with the option to reward referees with a rebate on their trades.

The starting base referral rate is 20% and can be increased to 40% if you hold over 500 BNB in your Binance account.

Here are the commission and kickback rates for Spot referrals:

Inviter’s Daily BNB BalanceInviter’s Base Referral RateRate Received by the InviterRate Received by the Invitee
< 500 BNB20%20-10%0-10%
≥ 500 BNB40%40-20%0-20%

And here are the ones for commission and kickback rates for Futures referrals:

Inviter’s Daily BNB BalanceInviter’s Base Referral RateRate Received by the InviterThe invitee’s First-Month Discount (Kickback) Rate
< 500 BNB20%10%10%
≥ 500 BNB30%20%10%

When you refer someone using to Binance, you are eligible to receive both Spot and Futures commissions. However, you must open a Futures account before doing so. Otherwise, you’ll only be rewarded with Spot commissions.

Signing Up for the Binance Referral Program

To begin, first, create your account using the instructions given earlier. Then, go to your profile and click on Referral to reveal your Referral Dashboard. Next, scroll down and click on Your Referral Link. From here, you can generate your link with a unique code as well as choose the commission split.

The default split is set to give the entire 20% commission to you. However, you can adjust it to share 10% or 5% with each of your referrals.

You can now share your Binance referral code or Binance referral link with friends and family to get a slice of trading fee commissions.

Binance Affiliate Program

Alongside the standard referral program, Binance offers additional commissions for verified affiliates of the exchange. The Binance affiliate program allows users to earn up to 50% of referral commissions and up to $72,000 in monthly sign up bonuses.

Eligibility for the Affiliate Program

Unlike the standard referral program, the affiliate program is not accessible to everyone and is only granted access to specific individuals who meet the platform’s criteria.

The criteria to join are as follows:

  • Individuals/Influences with 5000+ followers on social media
  • Crypto communities with 500+ members
  • Businesses/Organizations with a userbase of 2000+ or 5000+ daily visits

How to Apply for the Binance Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate with Binance, you will need to apply through their affiliate form, from there, it is up to Binance to decide whether you will be accepted or not. If you are accepted, Binance will contact you and will grant your standard referral link an extra boost in commissions.

Below are the Spot affiliate commissions:

Total Referred Traders*CommissionNote
< 50041%BNB holding requirement waived
≥ 50050%BNB holding requirement waived

Affiliate commissions will also be boosted up to 40%, with 10% going to the user you invite and 30% going to you.

Additional Affiliate Bonus Campaign

Along with a boost in commissions, Binance offers a monthly bonus campaign to further reward users who signed up for their Futures trading platform. Affiliates are able to earn upwards of $72,000 USDT based on the amount of fees paid by their referrals (for that month.)

Bonuses are as follows:

Fees Paid by Referrals (USDT)30% Comission (USDT)BonusTotal Earned (USDT)

Binance Referral Code Australia

Binance is now offering a sign up bonus for Australian crypto users of discounted trading fees of up to 50%. Australian users can use the code 12378709 when signing up for Binance to earn the commission rebates.

Binance Referral Code UK

Binance offers UK residents discounted trading fees and a sign up bonus of up to $600 when joining with our Binance referral code 12378709. Get up to 50% off trading fees plus an additional $600 in rebates when trading with either the Spot or Futures trading platform.

Binance Referral Code FAQ

What is the Binance Referral Code?

The Binance referral code is 12378709 and can be used to claim up to 50% off trading fees and up to $600 in welcome bonuses.

What is the Binance Futures Code?

The Binance futures code is 12378709 and can be used to claim up to 50% off futures trading fees and up to $600 in welcome bonuses.

Are Binance Referral ID Code & Binance Referral Code the same?

Yes, both Binance Referral ID Code and Binance Referral Code are the same thing.

What is the Binance Promo Code?

The Binance promo code is 12378709 and can be used to claim up to 50% off Spot and Futures trading fees and up to $600 in welcome bonuses.

What is Binance?

Binance is the worlds leading crypto exchange by Volume. Founded in 2017, Binance offers the lowest trading fees of any centralized exchange and gives investors thousands of different cryptocurrencies to invest in.

What’s the difference between the Binance Referral Program and Binance Affiliate Program?

The Standard referral program is available to everyone on the platform and maxes out at a 40% commission. The Affiliate Program is a max of 50% commission and is only available to those who meet the criteria and apply.

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