BitBoy Pays On-Chain Sleuth $10k After Finding Proof of Undisclosed Promotion

A tweet sent out by Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, has resurfaced as evidence of an unpaid promotion gets brought to light.
ZachXBT, BitBoy Logo

On Oct. 20, BitBoy replied to Twitter user GrindingPoet on accusations of “promoting rugs” and “dumping undisclosed scams on his followers.”

BitBoy offered to give $10,000 to GrindingPoet if they found any proof of undisclosed promos covered on the BitBoy Crypto Youtube channel.

With no response to the wager, the deal seemed to be done. Until however, on-chain sleuth ZachXBT, known for his threads exposing bad actors in the space, replied to the tweet on Dec. 5.

“[I] spent a few minutes looking and immediately found an example,” attaching screenshots of an undisclosed payment of $15k into one of BitBoy’s wallets.

BitBoy was quick to respond and pushed the blame on members from the channel Justin and Deezy.

ZachXBT later posted an update saying that BitBoy has sent him the $10k.

ZachXBT released a thread earlier this year on BitBoy and his promotional intents.

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Liam Peak
Liam Peak
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