Bybit Promo Code 2022: $20 Sign Up Bonus

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What is the Bybit Promo code?

The Bybit promo code is YO1GRE and can be applied when you sign up to get a $20 reward plus access to more rewards through Bybit Rewards Hub. Follow the below steps and make your first deposit or purchase on Bybit.

How To Claim Bybit Promo (Sign Up)

Signing up for Bybit is simple.

  1. On the Bybit homepage, select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner to begin using the marketplace and claim your reward or click here.
  2. When prompted, fill in your details to get started. (Remember to use code YO1GRE when signing up to access the bonus sign-up rewards – you won’t be able to redeem it afterwards.) 
Bybit Promo Code Sign Up
Bybit Promo Code Sign Up

Bybit Rewards

Bybit has three overlapping rewards offerings; the Bybit Rewards Hub, the referral program, and the affiliate program. How can these benefit you as you set up your Bybit account?

The Bybit Rewards Hub

Bybit uses an objectives-based rewards hub where registered users can earn up to $600 of rewards by completing simple tasks.

It’s not uncommon for crypto sites to use schemes to help new traders find their way around the site. It’s a great combination of an onboarding process and milestone-based rewards for new traders.

Bybit Rewards Hub
Bybit Rewards Hub

To get started with the Rewards Hub, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete assigned tasks
  3. Claim your rewards!

Here’s an example of a couple of the milestones shared on the Bybit site in February 2022:

Just the Beginning Coupon – $5 USDT coupon

  • Minimum First Time Deposit equivalent to $200.
  • It can only be claimed once.

Bybit Follower – $5 USDT coupon

  • It can only be claimed once.
  • Follow Bybit by clicking on one of their social media icons inside Rewards Hub.

3-Day Active Trader Coupon – $5 USDT coupon

  • It can only be claimed once.
  • Trade for three consecutive days to qualify for this coupon.

Completing these milestones will earn members rewards. In addition, different milestones will make members eligible for rewards and incentives of different amounts (and the terms of the rewards are mapped out to help you achieve them).

Bybit Referral Program

Like many other crypto sites, Bybit has a referral scheme, allowing its members to use a personalised link to invite new people to the platform in exchange for a reward.

Bybit Referral Program
Bybit Referral Program

Bybit’s referral program guarantees a $20 bonus and an unlimited number of rewards cards through referral trading. In addition, the referee and the referring member can unlock extra rewards as milestones are hit. 

Bybit heavily advertises that they don’t cap the number of rewards that members can receive and encourage their users to use the links to build connections and enhance the Bybit community.

Bybit Affiliate Program

Bybit uses an application process for its affiliate program. Successful applicants will be able to share profits with Bybit on the trades of their referees. The site proudly claims that its commission rate is over two times higher than the industry average, an excellent reward for selected affiliates.

Affiliate partners will be able to earn 30% of Bybits profits from referred clients’ trades, plus 10% on sub-affiliate earnings when they are accepted for the scheme.

What assets are on the Bybit Marketplace?

A diverse marketplace makes Bybit a good option for people with varied crypto interests. Some of the assets available on Bybit include:

  • BTC
  • ETH 
  • SOL 
  • SAND 
  • NEAR 
  • XRP
  • AVAX
  • GALA

Alongside other NFT, Metaverse and DeFi assets, you can see the full marketplace here.

Bybit Learn also offers valuable guides on new-to-market assets and a breakdown of how the marketplace and different asset types work. If you’re a new trader, it’s an excellent resource to learn the ins and outs of Bybit.

Bybit Trading Fees

Bybit offers competitive rates for both maker and taker fees, putting them in a position to compete with some of the largest exchanges.

Spot Trading Fees:

  • Bybit Maker Fee: 0.10% Bybit Taker Fee: 0.10%
  • Learn more about the fees and how they compare to other exchanges.

Flexible Staking

Flexible Staking allows members to stake tokens (BTC, ETH etc.) and earn guaranteed yields in the same token types with a high annual percentage yield (APY). 

Bytbit Flexible Staking
Bytbit Flexible Staking

The guaranteed yield will be automatically deposited daily to the members’ ByFi account. The low-risk and flexible nature of this offering makes it an easy to use option for both new and experienced traders.

APY Boosters can also be applied when purchasing Flexible Staking, increasing the cumulative APY.

Bybit Launchpool

Bybit Launchpool allows traders to stake and earn tokens for free. However, the number of tokens you earn is subject to the number of tokens you stake in the pool.

Bybit Launchpool
Bybit Launchpool

Your daily yield will be calculated the next day based on the number of tokens you stake in proportion to those staked by other participants. Returns from Bybit Launchpool can include a USDT bonus and your new tokens, and the return of the original stake. Tokens that have been staked can be unstaked at any time.

Compacting is not yet supported, so manual deposits must be made each day to take advantage of Bybit Launchpool.

Is Bybit suitable for beginners?

Bybit offers some significant reward options to its members and is an excellent option for those looking to reach milestones and engage in an active community. 

Bybit Learn also offers some excellent guides and resources for new traders to help you get started and explore the market to find the right crypto assets.

Don’t forget to use your Bybit promo code YO1GRE to take advantage of your sign up reward!

Bybit Promo (Referral) Code: Sign-Up Bonus

Get a $20 sign up bonus when you sign up with our Bybit promo code.