How to Check NFT Rarity? – 8 Best NFT Rarity Tools

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Key Takeaways

  • NFT rarity is a score or ranking that is determined by how rare an NFT’s traits are when compared to other NFTs in the same collection
  • Some popular sites for checking NFT rarity scores include and rarity sniper

Investors are constantly looking to acquire rare NFTs due to their massive price-flipping potential.

However, when purchasing any NFT, there are usually numerous factors to consider – the primary of which is NFT rarity.

As the name implies, NFT rarity means how rare an NFT is. This evaluation is mostly based on the NFT’s traits compared to other NFTs in the same collection.

Rarity is a vital concept in the NFT space as it is a significant determinant of an NFTs price.

In this guide, we’ll cover what NFT rarity is and provide info on the tools you can use to find rare NFTs.

What is NFT Rarity?

NFT rarity refers to how unique an NFT is based on specific properties or traits. These properties could include the physical attributes (e.g. color, design, costume, accessories) of an NFT compared to other models in the same collection or the profile/reputation of the creator of an NFT collection. 

Rarity is a concept mainly associated with art-based NFTs and is a vital factor in evaluating the individual valuation of these collectibles. Simply put, the higher the number of rare traits an NFT possesses in its collection, the higher its potential value is at any point of sale. 

Asides from physical traits and attributes, the ranking of NFTs is also determined by the reputation of the respective creators. An NFT collection created by a high-profile digital artist is bound to continuously hold a strong interest among collectors, making it rarer and more valuable than other NFTs.

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How to Check NFT Rarity?

An NFT’s rarity is an important contributor to its market value. Therefore, it is only normal that, as a collector, you evaluate and calculate how rare and exclusive an NFT item is before choosing to invest in it. 

To that end, there are certain platforms known as NFT explorers which aid this process by providing much-needed information on the rarity ranking of the thousands of NFT collections in blockchain space.

Below are 8 of the best tools to help you check NFT rarity.

source: is the most popular tool for determining the rarity of an NFT. It has information on many NFTs, including popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, etc. 

On, NFTs in a collection are ranked based on their trait rarities in real-time. On each collection, also provides prospective collectors with vital information such as average price, total sales volume, owner count, etc., to aid in making an informed purchase. present a simple user interface that is easily navigable to all users. To check for an NFT’s rarity, click on the “All collections” feature at the top left corner. In the search box, enter the name of any NFT collection you wish to check. On the following page, you will see all NFT items in that collection arranged according to their rarity level. Each NFT piece is represented by a card that provides information on all their traits, rounding it up with a rarity score which is the main indicator of an NFT’s rarity. To check the rarity score of a specific NFT in a collection, you can enter its ID in the “Project” section and click on “Lookup.”

Rarity Sniper

source: raritysniper

Rarity Sniper is another NFT explorer with an extensive database of real-time information on about 2000 NFT collections that run on Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchains. Using the search icon, you can search for an NFT collection and check the rarity score of each item in that collection.

Rarity Sniper also allows users to check for an NFT’s rarity via its discord channel using bots commands. To do this, enter the NFT details, i.e. its unique ID, in the bot command, and you will be replied to instantly with all traits of that NFT and its rarity score.

Rarity Sniffer

source: raritysniffer

Rarity Sniffer is an NFT ranking tool that provides the latest information on the newest NFT projects. It is a useful tool for collectors looking to invest in what could be the “next big thing.”

Aside from ranking stats and rarity scores, the free version of Rarity Sniffer allows collectors to learn about pre-launch projects and upcoming airdrops. With the premium version, collectors gain access to an advanced analysis of the rarity status of several NFTs that are yet to be launched. 

Trait Sniper

source: traitsniper

Similar to Rarity Sniffer, Trait Sniper is another tool for getting up-to-date information on new NFT projects. Using its free version, you can find comprehensive information on new projects and upcoming airdrops. That said, its paid version will grant you instant notifications on new releases and their rarity scores. 

It is worth noting that Trait Sniper’s interface could be a little challenging to navigate for beginners. However, it becomes familiar with time. In addition to the rarity score for an NFT, Trait Sniper provides details such as Rarity Rank, OpenSea’s Highest Offer, and OpenSea Price.

source: howrare

HowRare is designed solely for finding the rarest Solana-based NFTs. The platform ranks over 250 NFT collections, providing users with details such as floor price, number of items, sale status, etc. In addition, also an excellent site to obtain information on Solana NFT projects yet to be launched.

For each NFT on its platform, HowRare allows you to view the rarity rank, rarity score, traits, and its latest sale history. To search for an NFT item on HowRare, simply type its ID into the search box at the top of the homepage.

NFT Stats

source: nftstats

NFT Stats is a top NFT platform that provides an overview of the entire market. On NFT Stats, you can get vital information, including the daily trading volume and most recent sales in the NFT space.

NFT Stats features a rarity explorer to help collectors filter through NFT collections when trying to purchase an NFT. Similar to other explorer tools, Each NFT is presented with a rarity score according to the attributes present in its collection.

OpenSea’s OpenRarity

source: openrarity

OpenSea is the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, with deployment on Solana, Ethereum, Klatyn, and Polygon. Asides from trading services, OpenSea aims to provide standard NFT rarity rankings via the blockchain protocol OpenRarity, which is currently being developed in collaboration with Curio,, and PROOF. 

In the meantime, the OpenSea platform offers some information on NFT rarity by evaluating factors such as sales volume, floor prices, and so on. NFTs on OpenSea are typically viewed with their character traits, but there is no overall rarity rank or rarity score. Nevertheless, the information is still sufficient to guide collectors on potential investments.

Magic Eden’s Moonrank

source: moonrank

Magic Eden is the leading NFT marketplace on Solana and runs a rarity ranking protocol known as Moonrank. This platform functions as a statistical rarity service for Solana, ranking over 2,000 NFT collections on the network. Moonrank operates automatically, collecting and ranking newly released collections instantaneously. It is quite similar to most NFT explorers as each NFT item is presented to collectors with its unique traits and overall rarity score. 


What is an NFT?

A Non-fungible token or NFT is a digitized form of art based on blockchain technology. NFTs are unique and can be curated from various art forms, including pictures, music, paintings, etc. 

Can you check the rarity of NFT before reveal?

Using NFT tools such as Rarity Sniffer and HowRare, it is possible to check the rarity score of upcoming NFTs before their launch. 

How do NFT rarity scores work?

For most NFT explorers, the total rarity score of an NFT is the sum of the individual rarity scores of each trait in that NFT. The higher the rarity score, the rarer that NFT is in that collection.

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