Coinmash Acquires Augur Dispute Crowdsourcer Domain

Coinmash Acquires Augur Dispute Crowdsourcer Domain

New York, United States, 26rd February, 2023, Coinmash

Coinmash, leading Web3 news publication, today announced the acquisition of the domain The domain was previously used as a platform for crowdsourcing predictions on the outcome of disputes in the decentralized prediction market Augur.

The acquisition of adds to Coinmash’s growing portfolio of domain names and blockchain-based dispute resolution services. The domain will be used to host Coinmash’s own crowdsourcing platform for resolving disputes using blockchain technology.

Coinmash has plans to launch its new crowdsourcing platform in the coming months. The acquisition of is just one of many strategic moves the company has made in recent years to establish itself as a leader in the blockchain-based dispute resolution industry.

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