CoinSpot Referral Code 2022 – $10 Free Bitcoin

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What is CoinSpot Referral Code?

CoinSpot referral code is REFUYFCCB and can be used when signing up to claim $10. After joining CoinSpot, users can share their referral code with friends to claim an additional $10.

CoinSpot Sign Up

It has never been easier to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CoinSpot is offering a $10 sign-up bonus when you deposit at least $1 to your account for a limited time. The CoinSpot referral code is REFUYFCCB. Just follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Register for a CoinSpot account here
  2. Add the code REFUYFCCB where it says ‘Referral or Affiliate code (Optional)’.
  3. Complete the form and click ‘Create Account’.
  4. Deposit at least $1 via the Deposit Funds tab.
  5. $10 will be credited to your account once the deposit has gone through.
Coinspot Referral Code Sign Up
Coinspot Referral Code Sign Up

CoinSpot Review

If you want to buy some Bitcoin before it makes its next move up, you should check out CoinSpot. CoinSpot is Australia’s biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange, and you can even use the CoinSpot referral code REFUYFCCB to get $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you get started. 

What is CoinSpot?

CoinSpot is the largest, oldest and most trustworthy crypto exchange in Australia. We have been using them for almost ten years to buy and sell dozens of coins. They have been around since 2013; they have an impeccable reputation and superb customer service. 

What Advantages Does CoinSpot Offer?

Cheap Fees: CoinSpot charges a fee of 0.10% per transaction, significantly less than any of their competitors. Compared to the enormous credit card fees that Coinbase charges, this saves a reasonably significant amount of money right off the bat. 

Instant Deposits: Deposits are usually instant. Most competitors make you wait up to three days after making a deposit. This allows you to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions to increase your trading profits. 

Customer Service: Live customer service is available within minutes, twenty-four hours a day. Some of the more prominent apps like Coinbase and Robinhood don’t even have customer service. On the other hand, CoinSpot manages to keep your costs down AND still offers superb customer service. 

Variety of Coins: It’s not just Bitcoin that you can buy. There are over 320 coins listed on the CoinSpot Exchange. CoinSpot is the only place where you can safely, cheaply, and quickly buy and sell this many coins. 

Education: CoinSpot is not merely an exchange. They have the best and most educational blog on cryptocurrency on the web. They are simply cryptocurrency experts, and they believe in spreading their knowledge. 

How Do I Get Started With CoinSpot?

Create an account, use referral code REFUYFCCB, deposit some money, and you can be buying and selling dozens of coins in a few minutes. Their website is easy, intuitive and safe. 

How Many Coins Are Available?

There are hundreds of coins available, and you can buy and sell all of them instantly and with low fees. In addition, CoinSpot makes it easy to have one wallet to store all of your coins. Transfers in and out of CoinSpot are also instant and straightforward. 

Can I Buy NFTs?

CoinSpot is a great platform to use if you are interested in getting started with NFTs or Non-Fungible-Tokens. You can purchase coins and easily use them to buy NFTs. 

What are Bundles?

Bundles are a great way to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings and are unique to CoinSpot. The experts at CoinSpot have curated several bundles, which are groups of coins with similar properties. 

With one easy click, you can buy an equal amount of several coins with related properties, such as the top three or ten coins by market cap, DeFi or NFT coins, or even the top environmentally friendly coins. There’s no better tool available to make sure you are diversified. You even save on fees when you use bundles. 

Can Someone Still Make Money Trading Crypto?

You may feel like you have missed out, not that Bitcoin is trading so high. There’s also been huge moves up in Ethereum, Doge and dozens of other coins, not to mention the skyrocketing values of some NFTs. However, we are still in the very early stages of the transition from fiat currency to decentralized cryptocurrency. The bulk of the gains have yet to be realized, but they are coming very quickly. 

You can earn your first ten dollars of Bitcoin just by opening a CoinSpot account with referral code REFUYFCCB.

CoinSpot Referral Code: $10 Free Bitcoin Bonus

Get $10 worth of free Bitcoin when you sign up with our CoinSpot referral code