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What is Referral Code? referral code is rhzefsvsh5, and you will gain a signup bonus of up to $50 in CRO. After joining, you can take advantage of the referral program and earn an additional $2000 for every user you invite. 

How To Sign Up: Exchange

To get started on the Exchange, there are a few easy steps.

  1. Select ‘Sign Up’ on the homepage or click here (to claim a bonus).
  2. Fill in your details. Remember to use referral code rhzefsvsh5 to access your sign up reward.
  3. Complete identity verification and begin trading (and referring others) on the Exchange. Referral Code Sign Up Referral Code Sign Up Exchange Referral Program

The referral scheme for offers up to $2,000 (in CRO) for each referral to the Exchange and 50% of the referee’s trading fees.

The bonus is credited in CRO and is calculated based on the amount of the first CRO stake by the referee. also credit accounts instantly once the conditions of the referral are met.

Here are a couple of examples of the rewards referees can expect:

USD worth of CROReferee’s First CRO StakeReferer Account Verification
$10 Staked 1,000-4,999 CROAdvanced
$50Staked 5,000+ CROAdvanced

The trade commission is worked out on 50% of the NET trading fees of the referee for 12 months from their registration date. After that, it’s paid daily into the CRO Spot wallet of the referrer, along with the fees of any other referrals they have made.

Eligibility for the Referral Program

To become eligible for the referral program, the referer must meet a couple of specified requirements. Whilst they can start making referrals immediately, no rewards are redeemable until the following terms are met. 

They must have their account verified at an advanced level. They must also have staked at least 1000 CRO on the Exchange (not including any CRO accrued as bonuses.)

If a referee forgets to use your referral code when signing up, they can add a referral code for up to 10 days afterwards to ensure referral rewards are received.

About Exchange

Founded in 2016 in Hong Kong, is a popular and reputable cryptocurrency exchange with a varied offering and desirable features for traders.

The exchange offers features geared towards more experienced traders and those just getting started with cryptocurrency. We will explore its marketplace, discounted fees, and some of the more unique features that both new and experienced traders will find useful – particularly if they’re looking into’s coin, CRO.

What assets are on the Exchange Marketplace? centres many of its discounts and rewards around its coin (CRO), so it’s no surprise that it is one of the critical assets on the exchange. Traders holding significant stakes in CRO will see lower trading fees and higher staking interest rates when trading on the Exchange. Other assets available include:

  • BTC
  • ETH 
  • SOL 
  • SHIB 
  • DOT
  • LUNA
  • GALA

You can see the full marketplace here. Markets (Spot) Markets (Spot) Cards

It’s important to note that is much more than a simple crypto asset exchange. They also offer prepaid Visa cards to make spending what is in your wallet easy. 

All you need to do is top up your card from your digital wallet, and you can make and receive payments. This makes diversifying assets simple and allows those new (or not so new) to cryptocurrency to integrate crypto into their everyday lives and access their assets.

The cards are tiered for those using them, with the levels and rewards based on the amount of staked CRO. Ranging from a ‘Midnight Blue’ card with a $0 CRO stake needed up to an Obsidian tier card with over a $400k CRO stake needed, rewards vary from a full Spotify, Netflix and Prime membership up to access to private jets.

You can learn more about the cards and rewards here.

Crypto Exchange Trading Fees offers competitive maker and taker fees. On top of this, they offer an extra 10% discount to those who stake CRO and use it to pay fees. The discounts are returned in the form of CRO rebates.

Level 1Trading Volume (USD)MakerTakerMaker (With Discount)Taker (With Discount)
1$0 - $25k0.4%0.4%0.36%0.36%
2$25,001 - $50k0.35%0.35%0.315%0.315%
3$50,001 - $100k0.15%0.25%0.135%0.225%
4$100,001 - $250k0.1%0.16%0.090%0.114%
5$250,001 - $1,000,0000.09%0.15%0.081%0.135%

CRO Staking offers staking on their coin, CRO, which offers rewards on the exchange. These include a CRO rebate when you pay trading fees with CRO, special access to their fundraising platform ‘The Syndicate’, and bonuses as part of the referral program.

Traders must stake a minimum of 10,000 CRO for six months to take advantage of these bonuses.

Those who stake CRO for over 180 days will also receive interest on their CRO investment in 10% APR daily. Each top-up will reset this 180 day period.

Soft Staking

Soft staking with works differently from CRO staking and is an excellent alternative to gain rewards by simply holding assets in your Exchange wallet. Instead of the CRO staking benefits, the exchange rewards traders with tokens including BTC, LTC and ETH based on your daily Exchange wallet balance.

There is no commitment period for soft staking, but you will not access extra CRO staking bonuses.

Is suitable for beginners?

While it doesn’t offer some educational resources that its competitors do, still has a lot going for it. 

Fees are comparatively low, particularly with CRO discounts, and traders have opportunities to earn interest on their crypto holdings. 

Mostly, it’s considered an excellent platform for crypto payments. 

Prepaid Visa cards allow users to make and collect crypto payments, making it feel more like a secure, bank-of-the-future than just simply an exchange.

Don’t forget to use your exchange referral code rhzefsvsh5 to take advantage of your sign up reward.

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