10 Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers 2024

Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Apps

As an investor in crypto, it is essential to keep track of your assets across your wallets and currencies. A crypto portfolio tracker allows you to see all of your assets in one place while keeping track of the value of your holdings.

In this article, we dive into the 8 best crypto portfolio trackers you can use to keep a close eye on your crypto assets across all platforms. 

Why do you need a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

As your assets grow and you begin adding crypto to your portfolio, it is important to view and manage all of your resources in one place.

A crypto portfolio tracker allows you to see all of your assets in different wallets in one place. This allows you to easily track your investments and manage your accounts in one place.

Most cryptocurrency portfolio trackers offer up-to-date information. 

The 10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps


Crypto.com is a free crypto portfolio tracker that gives you an easy-to-read view of your entire crypto portfolio.

Crypto.com allows you to buy and sell assets and get usable funds quickly through a Visa card.

Crypto.com supports hundreds of crypto assets, so you can be sure that everything in your holdings can be viewed as long as each wallet is correctly linked to your account. 


If you are looking for a portfolio tracker with extra features built for high-volume investors, Pionex is a perfect option for you.

In addition to an easy-to-use portfolio tracker, Pionex also offers a robot trader that can help you efficiently maximize your crypto investments.

Pionex is free to try and provides a variety of different trading bots that can help you optimize your investments to best fit your goals. 


CoinStats is a crypto portfolio tracker that lets you connect an unlimited number of crypto wallets and defi assets. CoinStats is excellent if you have an extensive portfolio with various crypto holdings.

CoinStats can be accessed from your browser or through the mobile app and offers a great user experience with endless possibilities to grow your portfolios.


CoinSmart is a free-to-use service that allows you to watch all of your cryptocurrencies in one place.

CoinSmart allows for various currencies and even offers an option to withdraw funds from your account by trading cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat directly deposited to your bank account.

CoinSmart is the perfect option for those primarily interested in cryptocurrencies and who want an alternative to access and manage their funds. 

Coin Market Manager

Suppose you have a sound footing in the cryptocurrency game or want to begin active trading regularly.

Coin Market Manager has a free option, but the advanced service ($49.99 per month) gives you complete access to exchanges that allow you to trade crypto and your assets frequently.

In addition, coin Market manager gives you access to instant market information that will help you stay informed and on top of the latest exchange news. 

FTX (Previously Blockfolio)

FTX lets over 6 million users integrate 15 of the most popular wallets into its portfolio tracker.

FTX supports almost every crypto on the market and makes it easy to see all of your assets in one place. In addition, FTX offers an alert system that helps users identify the best time to trade and the best up-and-coming assets to look into.

The FTX news section also helps users stay informed on exchange trends on their investments.

FTX is free for all users and is available as an app on Android and IOS.

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The Delta investment tracker lets you track your portfolio of over 3000 crypto assets and the trading fees that come with them.

With over 1 million global users, Delta is widely available on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Delta also features ICO support services and alerts its users of new coin drops so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

Delta offers a free version for its essential services or a paid version for $60 a year that provides a toolbox of tracking tools for users who want to get the most accurate information on their investments. 


If you are a social investor or like to discuss crypto assets with like-minded people, CryptoCompare is the perfect portfolio tracker.

Cryptocompare is a great resource for tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to tracking prices, you can also see detailed coin information, mining data, and social media activity.

Cryptocompare also has a very active forum where users discuss all things crypto and trade valuable information with likeminded investors.

If you are interested in capitalizing on the trade of others or like to find a sleeper pick, CryptoCompare is for you. 


CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular ways people track their cryptocurrency portfolios. With over 11,000 coins and tokens listed, it has something for everyone.

CMC has a great mobile app that lets you track your portfolio on the go. Some features include price alerts, candlestick charts, and market analysis.

Also, CMC has an extensive blog that covers all the latest crypto news.


Coincap is another simple and easy to use crypto portfolio tracker.

It has a clean interface and gives you real-time price updates. Coincap also offers some advanced features like candlestick charts and market analysis.

With support for Ethereum and Binance wallets, you can easily connect and track your assets.

How to choose the suitable Crypto Portfolio Tracker for You

Choosing a portfolio tracker for your crypto can be a challenging endeavour. All of these options, and many more, offer a usable service that helps you keep better track of your crypto assets.

Be sure to consider the size of your portfolio and what you intend to do with your assets.

Will you continue to grow your investments or capitalize on market changes quickly?

Are you a high-volume investor, or are you looking for a centralized place to view all of your crypto from different wallets?

Are you looking for an information forward portfolio?

What is your budget?

Where will you most likely view and manage your portfolio on the web or mobile?

These are helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing the portfolio tracker that is right for you. Be sure to do your due diligence and be sure that you understand the limitations of each portfolio before you commit to a paid service.

Many offer free trials or free versions so you can try them all out and find the service that serves your crypto needs the best. 

If you’re looking to calculate your profits from crypto investments try our crypto ROI calculator.

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