DeGods and y00ts NFT Collections Announce Move to Ethereum and Polygon Chain

The leading Solana-based NFT collections are packing shop and moving to alternate blockchains.
DeGods and y00ts NFT Collections Announce Move to Ethereum and Polygon Chain

Top Solana NFT collection DeGods and sister-collection y00ts have announced their departure from Solana on Twitter earlier today.

DeGods will be migrating to the more popular Ethereum, whilst y00ts will be moved to Polygon – a sidechain that runs alongside Ethereum.

“The details of the bridge will be released when it’s ready & tested. This has never been done before at this scale,” read both announcements.

It’s expected that the new bridged projects will be live in late Q1 of 2023.

$DUST, the utility token behind DeGods and y00ts will also be moved from Solana to both Ethereum and Polygon.

Polygon to be the future of NFTs?

Polygon has been at the forefront of NFTs lately and has garnered the attention of web2 brands to be the go-to choice for NFTs. We’ve seen collaborations from big-brand names like Nike, Adidas, Disney, and Starbucks. More recently the rise of Reddit’s collectable avatars have caused an influx in users to the side-chain, with over 5 million unique holders, according to data from DuneAnalytics.

Frank, the creator of DeGods and y00ts, called the move a “no-brainer” and remains optimistic about the future of both projects.

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Liam Peak
Liam Peak
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