Digifinex Invite Code – $2 in BTC for Limited Time

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What is Digifinex Invite Code?

Digifinex invite code is tRXfRD and can be used when you sign-up to the platform to get $2 in BTC. After signing up, users can invite friends for additional rewards and fee rebates.

Digifinex Referral Program

Digifinex allows users to earn rewards by referring friends and new users to the exchange. Existing Digifinex users have access to a unique invite link that they can use to redeem two rewards for their referrals.

When a referee uses the unique link sent by their referrer and makes their first deposit within seven days, both will get 2 USDT (in BTC) as a sign-up reward. The referrer will also earn up to 48% in rebate fees. The referee will need to be verified (to KYC) and have deposited 1USDT for reward eligibility.

How To Sign Up to Digifinex

It’s easy to get started trading on Digifinex.

  1. When on the website, digifinex.com (or use our referral link here), select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner to get started.
  2. Choose the gift icon in the top right corner, enter invite code tRXfRD and take advantage of the sign-up reward. 
  3. You can then fill in the rest of your details for the sign-up, complete the account authentication, and you can begin trading on Digifinex.
  4. Whilst you can get started straight away, some features won’t be available to you until you’ve completed identity verification. Digifinex will accept passports or identification cards as valid evidence of identity.
Digifinex Invite Code Sign Up
Digifinex Invite Code Sign Up

About Digifinex

Based in Singapore and owned by some big players in the tech world, Digifinex is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018 that boasts over 4 million users worldwide. 

With features appealing to new traders and those more experienced, its diverse marketplace offers something for everyone. 

We’re going to explore some fees, features, and benefits of Digifinex and share a Digifinex invite code that will provide you with a sign-up bonus to get you started on the exchange.

What assets are on the Digifinex Marketplace?

Digifinex now allows fiat currency deposits as well as those by credit card. This has made purchasing cryptocurrency assets far more straightforward, as the platform previously offered limited deposit options, including not allowing fiat currency.

Digifinex has a native DFT asset that is key to the structure of their exchange and offers substantial savings to those who hold large quantities of the asset. Of course, this is central to many offers and rewards, but the broader marketplace has something for everyone.

Popular assets on Digifinex include:

  • DFT
  • BTC
  • DOGE 
  • ETH 
  • HGOLD 
  • XRP
  • LTC

You can see the complete cryptocurrency marketplace for Digifinex here.

Digifinex Exchange Trading Fees

Digifinex uses a flat fee model to dictate its maker and taker fees. It sits just below the industry average (0.25%) at 0.20%.

There are also unique discounts available to traders holding significant amounts of DFT (Digifinex’s token) through their VIP tier program.

DFT & Its Uses and Benefits

Digifinex uses their Ethereum-based token DFT (Digifinex Token) for their exchange and labels it a key asset in driving their ‘Digifinex ecosystem’. DFT is accessible through spot trading, and its use on the exchange provides several discounts and rewards to traders.

Trading Fee Discount: When trading crypto, DFT used for payment of transaction fees will grant a 25% discount.

VIP Fee Discounts: The Exchange offers multi-tiered VIP discounts on maker and taker fees. The amount of discount received is based on the DFT holding of the trader, making an investment in the asset worthwhile for many using the Digifinex Exchange.

Through Digifinex, regular rewards and bonuses are available via promotions to those with DFT assets. 

On top of existing perks, Digifinex are constantly looking into new uses for DFT to make it increasingly valuable for those holding the asset.

Digifinex Super Star Guilds

A vital element of the Digifinex ecosystem, the Super Star Guild Program encourages community and provides more rewards, benefits and bonuses to its members.

Perks include;

  • Project voting on the token with a higher score weightage
  • Airdrop priority for tokens
  • Rewards following successful project recommendations.
  • Higher levels of commission from your direct invitees.
  • Lower transaction fee rates.

Is Digifinex Safe?

Ranked top 10 by volume and liquidity, Digifinex is proudly one of the more secure crypto exchange options.

Their security system has multi-layered fail-safes offering bank-level security to those who choose to trade and manage their assets through the exchange. It also uses 2-factor authentication for accounts to ensure added security. There has not been a hack or data breach on the Digifinex system to date.

Digifinex has 24/7 support to help with queries, security or transaction concerns and generally provides a touch-point with traders should they need any assistance.

Is Digifinex a good option?

Like many other exchange sites, Digifinex is unavailable to those wanting to trade from the US due to regulatory complications. Still, for over 150 countries, the varied features and assets present exciting opportunities for trading.

While it does have a wide selection of information about new assets and trends, Digifinex does not have the “tutorial” resources that some other online Exchanges use to onboard new traders. This and its slightly more complicated pro interface make it a more daunting option for new traders. However, many features will appeal, and there may be many benefits for those willing to learn the platform and take advantage of the DFT offering.

Don’t forget to use your Digifinex exchange invite code tRXfRD to take advantage of your sign up reward.

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