dYdX Referral Code: Get 5% Off All Trades

dYdX Referral Code

What is dYdX Referral Code?

The dYdX referral code is ANGXNMLN and can be claimed by using our affiliate link here. Sign-ups will get 5% off all trading fees on dYdX exchange.

It’s important to note that only new users can claim the 5% discount via our affiliate link. If you already have a wallet connected to dYdX, you’ll need to create a new one after clicking on the link.

How to dYdX Referral Code (REWARD)

To claim 5% off trades on dYdX, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the dYdX exchange by using our referral link here
  2. Click on ‘Get started’ and connect your wallet to dYdX
  3. Complete the next steps on the screen to verify your wallet
dYdX referral
dYdX Referral Code

How to Create a dYdX Affiliate Link?

If you want to refer your own friends to earn some sweet commissions, then you can join the dYdX affiliate program and generate your own affiliate link. You can receive up to 40% in commissions (from fees) from every trade your referrers make.

Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Sign up for dYdX by using our custom referral link here
  2. Visit your profile by clicking on the ‘Profile’ tab in the top menu
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Referrals’ heading to find your unique affiliate link

You can then use that link to invite new users to earn a share of their trade commissions.

Earn More from Staking dYdX

Those who wish to earn more from dYdX commissions can do so by staking the $DYDX token and holding $stkDYDX in their wallet.

Below is a table that shows how much you can earn:

PercentageAverage Daily stkDYDX
20%0 – 24.99
22%25 – 99.99
24%100 – 249.99
26%250 – 499.99
28%500 – 4,999.99
30%5,000 – 49,999.99
35%50,000 – 499,999.99


What is the dYdX Referral Code?

The dYdX referral code is “ANGXNMLN” and can be claimed by using our affiliate link here.

What is dYdX?

dYdX is a perpetual trading exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades.

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