First Week Frenzy Over New NFT Project Chimpers

From the creator of Nouns DAO, comes Chimpers; a new PFP NFT project of 5,555 pixelated chimps.
Chimpers Feature Image

Launched on the 20th of May, Chimpers are setting a new wave on what it means to be an NFT project. The unique collection of 5,555 randomly generated pixel chimps has dominated the markets for the last couple of days.  

Created by the renowned pixel artist Timpers, most known their work on Nouns DAO, released a teaser of Chimpers in early January with an animated GIF on Twitter. 

Since then, the Chimpers Twitter has grown to almost 100,000 followers and was set to be one of the most hyped releases within the upcoming months. 

The current floor price sits at around 2.5 Eth (which is close to USD 5000) and has seen extreme volume, pushing it into the top ranks on Opensea, just underneath the Otherdeeds’ NFT.

Not much has been released on the upcoming plans of NFT project . However, a statement from the official Chimpers website reads:

Our ethos has always been to under promise and overdeliver, providing value to our collectors through mystery, surprise and reward.

and as for what it means to be a holder of Chimpers: 

As a Chimpers holder, you will be joining us on an epic adventure. We will quest, uncover the mysteries of the Chimpvese and most importantly, we will unite to create a universe that will be remembered for decades to come.

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James Satoshi
James Satoshi
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