Introducing ‘Peer’: The 3D Social Network, Available Now

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, August 8th, 2023, Chainwire

Peer Inc. today announced the launch of a breakthrough social app which the company describes as the ultimate global launchpad for next-generation digital experiences. The Peer app, now available for iOS, is built on a proprietary ecosystem that promises to offer new ways to create, interact and explore.

“All the world’s a game and Peer makes everyone a player,” said Tony Tran, CEO and Founder of Peer Inc. “Get ready for a new kind of social network that’s all about fun, joy, and gamification.”

Peer combines world-class location sharing with adaptive 3D maps and blockchain technology to give users a dynamic game-like experience of the real world. More importantly, users will soon be able to customize and share a map of their unique social world—a world made up of stories, memories, moments, friends and experiences. Unlike conventional social networks, Peer is designed for discovery, community building and other real-life activities.

“This launch marks a major milestone for Peer Inc. and we’re just getting started,” explained Tran. “In the coming months, AI integration and other unique features in our roadmap are sure to spark a new era of global interconnectedness. Peer will be the only social network that truly puts the world in your hands.”

Available for Download

The Peer app is now available for iOS in the Apple App Store. The Android version of the app will be coming to the Google Play Store later this year.

About Peer Inc.

Peer Inc. is a technology company focused on building the future of social networking. Peer develops products that combine cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality to allow people to see, share and interact in exciting new ways. To learn more about Peer Inc. and Peer’s ecosystem, please visit and follow us on Twitter @peernewworld.


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