Linagee Name Registrar (LNR): How to claim your .og domain name

Linagee Name Registrar How to claim your .og domain name

Linagee Name Registrar (LNR) was recently rediscovered by developer Mason Keresty as the first NFT on Ethereum. Twitter user LeonidasNFT released a Twitter thread on Sep 30 explaining the timeline of the NFT project. 

First brought to life by Ethereum developer Linagee, who also published the first-ever smart contract on Ethereum, created the registrar contract which predates the now popular Ethereum Name Service

The smart contract was initially published back in Aug 8 2015, with only 60 domain names registered. However, there have since been over 490k recorded registrations, according to the contract

.og domains

Similar to ENS’s .eth domain extension, LNR will use the .og extension. Since this is now a community-built project, there is no established technical utility, and LNRs are simply collectables at this current moment. 

How to claim your LNR domain

To claim your domain, visit the community-built registrar: and check for availability. It’s important to note that names are case-sensitive, so Comaishcoinmash, and COINMASH would all be available to register separately.


Connect to a compatible wallet such as MetaMask and click REGISTER. Domain registrations will cost ~0.001 ETH ($0.3-$2).


Since LNR predates the ERC-721 standard for NFTs, names are required to be wrapped in order to be displayed on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. You can access the community-built wrapper here: Wrapping your LNR name costs ~0.003 ETH ($2-$3).

Once done, you’ll be able to list your name on OpenSea or any other compatible NFT marketplace.

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