Liquid Referral Code – Get 10% Off Fees (2024)

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What is the Liquid Referral Code?

The Liquid referral code is qrxCZt271019838 and can be used when you sign up to Liquid to get 10% off all trading fees on the platform. After signing up, invite friends to gain an additional 30% bonus for each referral.

How to Claim Liquid Referral Bonus (Signup)

  1. Create an account on Liquid via our referral link
  2. Complete the signup form with our referral code ‘qrxCZt271019838’ and click ‘Sign Up’
  3. Begin trading on the platform and receive 10% back on all fees
Liquid Referral Code Sign Up
Liquid Referral Code Sign Up

Liquid Referral Program

Referral Rewards

Users who refer someone will receive a 30% commission on all fees the referred user pays. There are no limitations on how many users you can invite, and each person that is referred will continue to pay out forever. 

How it works

If you wish to refer someone to the Liquid exchange, head over to the ‘Referral Program’ tab and click on the ‘Invite Your Friends’ button. You can copy your unique referral code or invite link and send it to as many people as you’d like. Every successful referral made will appear under the ‘Active Referees’ tab. 

Liquid Fees

Liquid Deposit Fees

Liquid has $0 Deposit fees on all incoming fiat deposits and cryptocurrencies. You can view the complete list of supported banks and payment processors here.

Liquid Withdrawal Fees

Liquid charges a flat rate of 0.1% for all fiat withdrawals with a minimum of $15. Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees are estimated based on the Liquid Fee + Network Fee. The full list of fee amounts for crypto withdrawals can be found here.

Liquid Trading Fees

Trading fees are based on the user’s 30 Day trading volume on Liquid’s exchange. All traders can receive a 50% discount on fees when paying with QASH. Below is an overview of the fee structure with the 10% discount applied after using the referral code qrxCZt271019838.


Buy & Swap Crypto Instantly with Liquid 

If you’re looking for an easy way to purchase your first cryptocurrency or want to make a quick swap between two coins, Liquid offers a feature that makes this a lightning-fast experience. 

Users can purchase 100+ different coins instantly within the Buy tab on the Liquid Quick exchange. Select your desired currency from the list of 50+ accepted fiats and choose what coin you want to buy. Then put in your Visa card details and click purchase. Your account balance will then be instantly updated with your purchased coins.

Liquid Buy & Swap Feature
Liquid Buy & Swap Feature

Use our Liquid referral code qrxCZt271019838 and receive 10% off all trading fees on the exchange forever. 

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