MakerDAO Founder Seeks $14M to Fight Climate Change

MakerDAO Founder Seeks $14M to Fight Climate Change

Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO and ex-CEO of the project’s defunct foundation, is seeking $14 million worth of MKR tokens from the protocol to combat climate change through 2040. 

The proposal introduces “The Maker Constitution” to the project’s governance forum that aims to align political and operational processes that occur in Maker Governance.

Christensen identifies “scientific sustainability” as a central principle to be integrated into Maker’s governance, creating a framework for addressing climate change that is yet to be seen from any other decentralized autonomous organization.

“At the time of the Maker Constitution the world is headed off a cliff with runaway greenhouse gas pollution pushing the biosphere past critical climate tipping points that will cause disasters for centuries to come. Immediate action is required,” wrote Christensen. 

Thus, Christensen’s pregame constitution aims to designate 20,000 MKR tokens from the project’s treasury towards a Scientific Sustainability Fund.

The Scientific Sustainability Fund, established by MakerDAO, will utilize MKR reserves and initial token emissions to finance campaigns to combat false information and advocate for “energy solutions that have demonstrated a successful track record of delivering scalable decarbonization.” 

Despite the good intentions, not everyone in the community is convinced.

“This is great in a speech, or if you’re trying to convince someone to approve this as a proposal. Ultimately, though, it creates ambiguity that weakens the document as what is essentially part of a legal code.” wrote LongForWisdom, a member of the governance team, in a reply. 

On Twitter, the move didn’t generate a lot of positive responses either. 

“If this gets approved, 20,000 MKR is gonna be sold? lol,” tweeted crypto influencer DegenSpartan.

While the proposal may be new, MakerDAO has always advocated for sustainable finance since its inception. 

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Himan Mohapatra
Himan Mohapatra
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