Meta begins testing NFTs on Facebook profiles

Meta continues their support for NFT collectables after rolling out integrations on Instagram.
Meta begins testing NFTs on Facebook profiles

Social media giant Facebook has started rolling out NFTs for select users in the U.S. The move comes after Facebook-owned Instagram launched NFT support in May this year.

Facebook users can access and display NFTs as profile pictures under a new “digital collectibles” tab, just like Instagram. 

Navdeep Singh, technical program manager of Facebook’s holding company Meta, took it to Twitter on Thursday to demonstrate the digital collectibles feature screenshots. 

As per the screenshots, users will be able to showcase the NFTs on their profile timeline, and clicking on the art will display further details on the NFTs like the name of the creator, date of creation, and more. 

It will work like a regular Facebook post where friends can like, comment, and share the update. Users can connect their crypto wallets to integrate the NFTs. Cross-posting between Instagram and Facebook will also be enabled.

On Instagram, NFT uploads automatically tag both the creator and the collector. The same feature is also expected on Facebook. 

Initially, Facebook will support NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon chain and eventually include Solana and Flow. A similar process is under implementation on Instagram as well.

Meta CEO Mark Zukerberg had earlier said during the Instagram NFT launch that the feature would be available on Facebook “soon.” He had also suggested that other Meta-owned platforms, like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, would also receive NFT integration in due course.

In a previous announcement, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri had said that the move is in sync with the growing creators’ economy and the company’s commitment to the future. 

Meta has disclosed that it won’t charge a fee for posting or sharing NFTs. It also doesn’t intend to offer the ability to turn digital collectible posts into ads for the time being. 

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