13 Best MetaMask Alternatives in 2024

13 Best MetaMask Alternatives in 2023

MetaMask is arguably the most popular crypto wallet in the crypto space. Home to over 30 million active users, MetaMask is the go-to wallet for investors to store, send, receive, buy, and swap thousands of cryptocurrencies.

MetaMask is also the leading powerhouse for DeFi wallets, with the ability to connect to over 3,700 dApps on Ethereum and all EVM-compatible chains. 

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Like any top wallet, MetaMask is non-custodial, meaning it allows users to retain sole control and ownership of their private keys. However, for all its useful features, several investors still find MetaMask insufficient for their needs. 

Such sentiment stems primarily from MetaMask’s limitation to the Ethereum ecosystem and inability to connect with other major chains such as Bitcoin, Solana, Terra, etc.

Moreover, MetaMask’s recent policy change that requires it to collect IP addresses has led to growing concerns in a crypto space that is centered on anonymity and decentralization. 

Due to such reasons, several investors are on the lookout for alternatives to the Ethereum-based wallet. And luckily enough, the DeFi space is full of a variety of wallets that offer users equal or greater functionality than MetaMask.

In this article, we will provide comprehensive information on some of them, discussing their features, security, accessibility and usability. 

All wallets listed will be non-custodial and be able to interact with dApps.

Best MetaMask Alternatives

1. Trust Wallet

The best MetaMask alternative for multi-chain support

trust wallet

Trust Wallet is one of MetaMask’s biggest competitors with over 25 active million users. Trust Wallet allows you to safely store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Trust Wallet supports 65+ blockchains and over 4.5 million tokens, with the ability to hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solana, Luna, and Near, all of which cannot be held on MetaMask.

Trust Wallet has recently released a browser extension (similar to MetaMask), so users can now connect to Ethereum and EMV-compatible dApps and use their wallet directly via desktop.

With Trust Wallet you can participate in staking or lending within the app to earn interest on your tokens. The app also features a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) where you can swap tokens instantly.

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  • Offers DeFi lending and staking services
  • In-built exchange for token swaps
  • Multi-chain support (65+)
  • Ability to purchase crypto directly with bank or card


  • High fees for in-built swaps
  • Limited technical support for wallet recovery
  • Limited features on browser extension compared to mobile app

2. Math Wallet

The best MetaMask alternative for advanced compatibility


Math Wallet was launched in 2017 by Eric Yu. It is one of the most popular crypto wallets offering support for over 144 blockchains, including mainstream chains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana and EVM-compatible chains such as Optimism, Arbitum, Fantom, etc.

Math Wallet provides multi-coin support and is available as a web wallet, mobile app, and browser extension. It can also be linked to hardware wallets for investors that prefer keeping their assets offline.

Like Trust Wallet, Math Wallet offers an extensive dApp browser capable of interacting with different dApps on multiple blockchains. It also grants users access to a cross-chain exchange to enable token swaps across several blockchains

That said, Math Wallet is highly rated, particularly due to its security features. It allows users to protect their assets via various measures including a two-factor authentication process.


  • High security
  • Interacts with 144+ chains
  • Compatible with a hardware wallet for storing assets offline
  • Available as a web wallet, mobile app, and browser extension
  • Extensive dApp browser


  • No customer support in retrieving accounts
  • Does not support cryptocurrency purchases with bank cards
  • Limited dApp support

3. Coinbase Wallet

The best MetaMask alternative for begginers


The Coinbase Wallet is often recommended for beginner investors as it presents a simple and user-friendly interface that everyone can easily navigate.

Similar to MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet offers support for all EMV-compatible blockchains with the addition of Solana. Users can store thousands of ERC-20 tokens and any other tokens on supported networks.

When it comes to Web 3.0 browsing, the Coinbase Wallet is many investors’ favourite as it allows for seamless integration with various dApps across multiple blockchains.

Coinbase Wallet is compatible with Android and IOS devices as well as desktop web browsers such as Chrome and Brave.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Support for over 100k+ digital assets
  • Can be used to store fiat currencies
  • Seamless integration with dApps
  • NFT support


  • Supports only Ethereum and Polygon-based NFTs
  • In-built DEX allows only swapping of Ethereum and Polygon-based assets
  • Poor customer support compared to other wallets

4. Exodus Web3 Wallet

The best MetaMask alternative for portfolio management

Multichain Web3 Wallet Exodus Browser Extension

Exodus is one of the longest-running crypto wallets that has been around since 2015. They offer a downloadable desktop wallet as well as a mobile app to send and store crypto. The team at Exodus have also recently released a Web3 wallet to access dApps across multiple chains.

The Web3 wallet offers a simple and aesthetically pleasing layout that allows users to navigate its functions and utility easily. Exodus also has remarkable customer support that provides users with the help they need in real-time 24/7. 

Currently, the Web3 wallet supports Solana, Ethereum, Algorand, Polygon, and Binance Smart-Chain with support for more chains on the way. This also means that you can store any tokens and interact with any dApps that are compatible with these networks.

The Web3 wallet features an in-built DEX for instant token swaps as well as the option to purchase crypto directly with fiat.

You also have the ability to create multiple portfolios for different tokens to help track your balances and check historical values.

The Exodus Web3 wallet is available as a browser extension on Chrome and Brave.


  • In-built DEX for token swaps
  • Purchase crypto with fiat
  • Top-rated customer service with 24/7 support
  • Portfolio management
  • NFT support


  • Limited blockchain support (only 5 chains, however more is coming)
  • Not open-source

5. Guarda

Best MetaMask alternative for security


Guarda is designed to offer users optimum asset security. It is one of the few cryptocurrency wallets with zero reports of security breaches.

Compared to Metamask, Guarda allows investors to store tokens on over 50 blockchains with support for over 400,000 cryptocurrencies. That said, Guarda also functions as an all-in-one stop shop allowing users to buy, sell, swap, stake and borrow crypto.

Guarda allows you to earn staking rewards up to 25% on tokens such as ETH, QTUM, TRX, ADA, and more.

Furthermore, Guarda users can spend their crypto on real-world transactions using the Guarda Visa Card, which links up with your wallet to pay anywhere at anytime.

Guarda is available as a web wallet, desktop software, or mobile app on both android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S making it a top choice for MetaMask alternative.


  • Supports 400k+ cryptos across 50+ blockchains
  • Highly secure wallet
  • Excellent customer service 
  • The Guarda Visa card allows users to spend crypto directly in the real world.
  • Allows for staking and lending


  • Expensive in-app crypto purchase fees
  • Limited staking support (14 assets only)
  • No browser support (dApp connection must be via walletconnect)

6. Edge

Best MetaMask alternative for privacy


Edge wallet was initially launched as Airbitz and started as a Bitcoin-only wallet in 2014. Over the years, the wallet was modified into a multi-currency model that allows users to buy, sell, swap and earn interest with cryptocurrencies. 

Edge is strictly mobile-only and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

Edge wallet presents a unique security measure which uses a username and password rather than the conventional 12-24 words mnemonics. Both are encrypted, preventing the company behind Edge accessing it.

You can also enable two-factor authentication to beef up prevention on security breaches.

With the Edge wallet, you can purchase crypto using a bank card or wire transfer.

Edge is also equipped with a dApp browser to connect with applications and blockchain-specific token protocols.

Some assets supported by Edge include Bitcoin, EOS, Tezos, Litecoin, RippleBinance Coin and Ethereum


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Offers in-app crypto purchase and exchange 
  • Highly secure and private wallet 
  • Allows crypto purchase with bank card
  • Supports crypto lending


  • Supports a few numbers of cryptocurrency (130+)
  • No desktop/web version

7. Phantom

Best MetaMask alternative for Solana users


Launched in 2021, Phantom is a non-custodial crypto wallet that offers a safe and secure way of interacting with the Solana blockchain and all projects within its ecosystem. It can be used to store, buy, send, and receive tokens and NFTs based on Solana.

However, following recent announcements of plans to integrate with the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems, Phantom is set to be another top alternative to MetaMask.

Phantom is designed with an intuitive user interface that makes navigating the wallet’s functionality easy. That said, its most notable feature is its built-in exchange that allows for the swift swap of Solana-based tokens at incredibly low fees.

Currently, Phantom is downloadable as a browser extension, and mobile app. It can be installed on Android and iOS devices as well as popular browsers such Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. If you desire enhanced security, you can pair your Phantom wallet to a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano X. 

Using the Phantom wallet, you can also stake the SOL and earn some passive income.

Some examples of tokens that can be stored on Phantom include STEPN (GMT), Raydium (RAY), Serum (SRM), Ren (REN), and Bonk (BONK). 


  • Supports all Solana-based tokens and NFTs
  • Users enjoy low fees due to Solana blockchain
  • Ethereum and Polygon support coming soon
  • Supports SOL staking 
  • Compatible with hardware wallets
  • In-built token swaps for Solana
  • Support for Solana NFTs


  • Currently limited to only the Solana ecosystem 
  • Phantom is relatively new compared to other crypto wallets

8. GameStop Wallet

Best MetaMask alternative for NFTs


GamesStop Wallet is another top DeFi wallet alternative and a reliable option for investors looking for Metamask alternatives. It was launched in May 2022 by gaming industrial giant GameStop based in San Francisco, U.S.A.

Similar to Metamask, GameStop Wallet is strictly Ethereum-compatible. However, it uses the Loopring layer 2 solution to facilitate the transfer of tokens across multiple chains within the Ethereum ecosystem at low fees. 

With the GameStop wallet, users can send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs and grants access to all Ethereum-based dApps

Using the GameStop wallet, users can easily access the GameStop NFT marketplace and easily buy and sell NFTs. Like Phantom, Gamestop wallet is only available as a browser extension and mobile app.


  • Supports Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens
  • Offers low fees for cross-chain transactions due to the Loopring L2
  • Offers easy access to GameStop NFT marketplace 


  • No mobile/desktop version 
  • Still in beta development phase

9. ZenGo

Best MetaMask alternative for asset security


ZenGo is a revolutionary crypto wallet that aims to offer users the highest form of asset security.

Moving away from the conventional seed phrase, ZenGo employs three industry-pioneering technologies for user security. These include:

  • Face ID powered by MPC technology
  • Three-factor authentication mechanism
  • Web 3.0 firewall to protect against malicious web3 attacks.

Like most top crypto wallets, ZenGo is a simple platform to store, buy, sell and trade your crypto assets.

It is a multi-chain wallet with access to over 70+ crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, and so on.

ZenGo also allows users to view, store and discover NFTs as well as interact with DeFi protocols and other types of dApps. It is currently accessible only as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices.


  • Stores over 70 different crypto assets
  • NFT support
  • Offers staking support
  • Offers three top security measures: Face ID, 3FA and Web 3 firewall
  • Interacts with decentralized applications on several blockchains
  • Excellent customer service


  • Staking support is currently limited to Tezos (XTZ)
  • No desktop version

10. Rabby

Best MetaMask alternative for DeFi


Rabby was launched in 2021 by leading crypto analytics platform Debank. It is a DeFi-centered wallet that offers a smooth multi-chain experience with improvements to security. 

Rabby is touted as one of Metamask’s best alternatives due to its multiple intriguing features.

For instance, Rabby offers users a pre-sign check for any errors or risks associated with the interacting wallet. With Rabby, users also get a confirmation pop-up with extensive details on each transaction before it is approved.

Rabby provides support for Ethereum and all EVM-compatible chains.

The Rabby wallet is downloadable only as a web extension and is compatible with only Chrome and Brave browser for now, with incoming support for Edge and Firefox.


  • Interacts with 44 blockchains 
  • Offers new security features with the pre-sign check and detailed confirmation window 
  • Enables token swap via its swap feature
  • Compatible with hardware wallets, institutional wallets, and mobile app wallets.


  • It is relatively new compared to other wallets
  • No mobile version as of yet

11. Argent

Best MetaMask alternative for Ethereum


Although relatively new, Argent it is one of the hottest names in the crypto wallet space right now.

Similar to MetaMask, it provides support only for the Ethereum network and all projects within its ecosystem.

Argent has a user-friendly interface that is appealing to blockchain beginners and houses a multitude of advanced features that will be familiar to veteran traders looking to make some passive income. 

With argent, you can safely store, send and receive ETH and all other ERC-20 tokens. Investors can access various DeFi protocols, such as Aave and Compound to lend tokens and earn as high as 20% interest

Argent also has an impressive security architecture via its multiple security measures. These include biometric access, remote locking, multi-signature approval, and an easy wallet recovery process.

The Argent wallet is currently available as a mobile app for download on Android and iOS devices.


  • Supports ETH and Ethereum-based tokens
  • Great for interacting with Ethereum-based dApps
  • Compatible with hardware wallets
  • Offers multiple security measures
  • Excellent customer support 


  • No linked exchange 
  • No desktop version
  • Limited support to only the Ethereum ecosystem

12. Brave

Best MetaMask alternative for all-in-one use


Brave Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet that is in-built into the Brave browser software. Brave wallet provides support for over 100+ chains, including Ethereum, all EVM compatible chains, Filecoin and the entire Solana ecosystem.  

Because the Brave wallet is built into the Brave browser, it requires less processing power and storage to operate effectively. It also ensures the user’s private key is stored safely on the device where the brave browser is installed. Thus, you can be certain of your asset security, provided your device is secure.

Using Brave wallet, investors need not connect to decentralized exchanges to exchange their tokens as the wallet features an in-built token swap mechanism.

In addition, Brave wallet offers a price-matching engine that aggregates users’ orders against the best prices across various DeFi protocols.

Some tokens that can be stored in Brave wallet include NFTs as well as ERC-20 tokens such as ETH, WBTC, BAT and Solana-based tokens like SRM, SOL etc. 

Brave also offers a desktop and mobile version depending on users’ preferences.


  • Compatible with the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems
  • Inbuilt feature of the Brave browser (all-in-one setup)
  • Supports storage of cryptocurrency as well as NFTs
  • Offers an in-built swap feature 
  • Requires less processing power and storage than most crypto wallets
  • In-built phishing and theft protection 


  • It is still a relatively new wallet compared to most crypto wallets
  • Limited blockchain support

13. Ledger Nano X + Ledger Live

Best MetaMask alternative for cold storage


Ledger Nano X is the world’s leading hardware wallet. Unlike MetaMask which functions as a hot wallet, Ledger Nano X works as a cold wallet, meaning it stores users’ private keys and address offline, thus decreasing the risk of hacks and asset theft.

Alongside the Ledger Nano X, you can download Ledger Live – a desktop and mobile app used to buy, sell, and manage your stored assets.

Ledger Live features an in-built exchange that allows users to easily buy, sell or swap tokens. It also has a Live Apps Catalog where you can interact with various dApps within Ledger Live such as 1inch, Lido, and Yearn.

For dApps that are not listed, Ledger Live can connect directly via WalletConnect instead.

Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live supports over 5,500 different tokens, including NFTs and is protected via a 4-8 digit PIN and 24-word phrase recovery code.

Find out what cryptocurrencies Ledger currently supports.

The Ledger Nano X currently sells for $149, Ledger Live is free.


  • In-built exchange via Ledger live
  • Enables storage for over 5,500 tokens including all major cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection
  • Offer staking services for various tokens including ETH, SOL, and ATOM
  • Several hours of battery life
  • Cold storage – meaning safer


  • Expensive option compared to hot wallets
  • High transaction fees on the Ledger Live exchange

Wallet Comparison Table

NameWallet TypeBlockchain and Coin SupportIn-built Exchange Supported PlatformsNFT SupportStaking SupportPrice
Trust WalletSoftware 68+ blockchains and 4.5 million digital assets.YesMobile devices ( Android and iOS), Web browser Yes Yes Free
MathWalletSoftware144+ chains YesMobile devices (Android and iOS), Computers (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS etc.), Web browsersYes YesFree
Coinbase WalletSoftware100,000+ digital assets.YesMobile devices ( Android and iOS), Web browser Yes (for Ethereum and Polygon based NFTs only)esFree
ExodusSoftware261+ cryptocurrencies and NFTsYes (along with an in-built NFT marketplace) Mobile devices (Android and iOS), Computers (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS etc).Yes YesFree
GuardaSoftware50+ blockchains and 400,000 crypto assets.YesMobile devices (Android and iOS), Computers (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS etc.). A live web version is also available.Yes Yes (only for 14 assets including ETH, TRX, ONT, etc)Free
EdgeSoftware130 digital assetsYesMobile devices (Android and iOS).Yes Free
PhantomSoftwareAll Solana-based tokens.YesMobile devices ( Android and iOS), Web browsers.Yes(for Solana-based NFTs only)Yes( for SOL only)Free
Gamestop WalletSoftwareAll Ethereum-based tokensYesMobile devices ( Android and iOS), Web browsers. Yes(for Ethereum-based NFTs only)YesFree
ZenGoSoftware70+ crypto assetsYesMobile devices (Android and iOS).Yes Yes(for XTZ only)Free
RabbySoftware44 block chains including Ethereum and all EVM compatible chainsYesWeb browser(only Google Chrome and Brave browser for now)Yes YesFree
ArgentSoftwareAll Ethereum based tokensYesMobile devices (Android and iOS).Yes(for Ethereum-based NFTs only)YesFree
BraveSoftware100+ chains including the Ethereum and Solana ecosystem YesMobile devices (Android and iOS), Computers (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS etc).Yes YesFree
Ledger Nano XHardware5,500+ tokens YesMobile devices (Android and iOS), Computers (Microsoft, Linux, Mac OS etc).Yes Yes$149

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns MetaMask? 

MetaMask is owned by ConsenSys Inc., a blockchain firm focused on developing Ethereum-based tools and infrastructural solutions. 

Is MetaMask free?

Yes, MetaMask is a free crypto wallet. It is available as a mobile app and browser extension.

Can you swap on MetaMask?

Yes, the MetaMask wallet offers a swap feature that allows users to exchange tokens seamlessly. MetaMask has a price-matching engine that matches your orders with the best prices for the proposed swap across several DEX aggregators and AMMs. 

Can MetaMask support other coins?

The MetaMask wallet supports only ETH and other ERC-20 tokens, including USDT, UADC, DAI, MATIC, etc. 

Is there a better alternative to MetaMask?

Yes, some of the best alternatives to MetaMask include Trust Wallet, ZenGo, MathWallet, Guarda, and Coinbase Wallet. 

Wrap Up

The MetaMask alternatives listed above are all excellent crypto wallets by every standard.

Regardless of which option you choose to go with, you can be assured of the safe storage of your digital assets. However, ensure you pay attention to their individual features and differences, ensuring your choice is able to meet your specific needs as an investor. 

All articles published on Coinmash are strictly for informational purposes only. Coinmash has no involvement with any assets discussed and urges everyone to do their own research before making any financial decisions. Read our disclaimer to learn more.


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