MonkeyLeague Rebrands to ‘UNKJD Soccer’

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 7th, 2024, Chainwire

UNKJD Studios (formerly ‘Uncaged Studio’), acclaimed for its Web3 game MonkeyLeague, unveils its new brand under the name of UNKJD Soccer. It aims to expand beyond the mobile soccer game, with a new vision to build the brand on the three core pillars: IP, game, and Web3. Collaborating with major sports, entertainment, and fashion brands, UNKJD aims to elevate its IP while rapidly expanding its universe, adding new sports games every 6 to 8 months.

In a strategic move, the Solana blockchain-based veteran gaming studio with years of experience, formed by seasoned experts from renowned entities such as Dissney, Playtika, and Coti, UNKJD welcomes Maxim Bashkaev Vaysbord, an esteemed ex-Azuki executive, as its new Brand Director. Vaysbord adds his wealth of experience and creativity to UNKJD’s journey with a background in successful Web3 brands and fashion.

“We firmly believe that gaming is at the forefront of the entertainment industry. At UNKJD, we aim to architect a universe where games are the centerpiece, and Web3 acts as the connective matrix, empowering the community with ownership and our games with interoperability,” said Vaysbord.

At the heart of the UNKJD is UNKJD $MBS, the key to a unified gaming experience. UNKJD $MBS ties the UNKJD games together, enabling players to unlock new experiences in one continuous universe. 

“UNKJD Soccer is more than a name change—it’s a declaration of our commitment to providing a truly fun and unique experience to all players, regardless of whether you’re a Web2 or Web3 enthusiast. UNKJD Soccer is just the beginning of our journey to redefine the next era of Web3 gaming”. Says Tal Friedman, UNKJD CEO and a leader in the Israeli gaming industry.

As a pioneer of the free-to-play model and known for his work at popular games such as Slotomania, WSOP Poker, and House Of Fun, co-founder Raz Friedman expresses confidence in UNKJD Soccer’s position at the forefront of gaming innovation.

“The video gaming industry is on the brink of an extraordinary era with expected $282 billion revenue and solid annual growth of 8.76% from 2024 to 2027. UNKJD is positioned at the forefront of this innovation. With UNKJD Soccer, we’re not merely launching a game; we’re leading the industry into a future where sports, strategy, and RPG seamlessly converge. The game provides a platform for adept players aspiring to “Go Pro,” allowing them to utilize and trade game collectibles and tokens. Our rebranding is a strategic move to align with the dynamic growth projected for the gaming market”. said Friedman. 

The UNKJD roadmap for 2024 starts with the highly-anticipated upgrade to its inaugural title Monkey League, now UNKJD Soccer in a key market — Brazil. The studio aims to reveal additional utilities for the UNKJD $MBS token throughout the year while gradually revealing its innovative game design and economy. The UNKJD is planned to enjoy a global launch in the second half of 2024


UNKJD Studios, founded by industry veterans hailing from Disney, Playtika, Coti, and, is at the forefront of creating distinctive and high-quality gaming experiences. The Web3-friendly gaming studio is known for UNKJD Soccer, a unique amalgamation of sports games and strategy RPGs. Powered by a unique proprietary operating system and state-of-the-art AI technologies, UNKJD Studios is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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