NFT Collection Doodles Acquires Emmy-nominated Animation Studio Golden Wolf

NFT Collection Doodles Buys Emmy-nominated Animation Studio Golden Wolf

NFT collection doodles has announced the acquisition of Emmy-nominated animation studio Golden Wolf for an undisclosed amount. The two brands had previously collaborated for Doodles2 at NFT NY in 2022.

The acquisition will help Doodles significantly expand its original content division, accelerating the development of its ambitious Web3 ecosystem. 

Golden Wolf and the renowned artist Burnt Toast will work together to create original narrative content and develop Doodles characters, stories, and overall creativity, including content creation, from brand partnerships to original series and video games.

“Web3 is powering a new generation of collecting, fandom, and consumer mindset. This investment is a move that advances our strategic priorities of creating world class content, leveraging technology to incubate new formats and ultimately, spreading joy to millions around the world,” said Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles.

As part of the acquisition, Golden Wolf’s CEO and Founder, Ingi Erlingsson, will join Doodles as the Chief Content Officer. He has extensive experience working with major brands and networks such as Nike, Meta, Gatorade, Disney, Adidas, and Adult Swim. Erlingsson will continue to manage Golden Wolf’s London and New York offices.

“I’m thrilled by the idea of joining Burnt Toast and the rest of the Doodles team on this journey,” said Erlingsson. “This partnership will unlock boundless potential within each of our businesses, accelerating our goal of redefining entertainment through engaging storytelling and worlds.”

Additionally, Doodles plans to leverage Golden Wolf’s strategic partnership with the renowned creative-led studio Psyop to establish a joint venture (JV) called Active Ingredient. The JV will utilize the cutting-edge technology of AI and blockchain to develop creative tools and techniques for brands, filmmakers, producers, and prosumers.

Psyop will also invest in Doodles to develop a comprehensive 360-degree animation production ecosystem that enables creators to narrate stories in innovative ways at a lower cost. 

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Himan Mohapatra
Himan Mohapatra
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