Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2023, 2030, 2035, 2040: Will OP reach $10?

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction

Layer-2 blockchains are cool. Cooler when they are built atop Ethereum. Optimism, one such layer-2 solution, is in the spotlight today as we discuss Optimism price prediction keeping the future price, fundamentals, and technical analysis in mind. OP — Optimism’s native token — takes center stage in this discussion as we analyze if it’s a good investment option in the years to come. But before we move along, let us know Optimism a bit better.

What is Optimism and OP Token?

Optimism is a layer-2 scaling resource to make Ethereum faster and congestion free. It uses Optimistic Rollups — a technology — to speed up transactions outside of the mainnet (Ethereum). The Ethereum network still lends security to Optimism, making the dependency quite discernable. 

With Ethereum’s merge doing nothing for the transaction speeds and the next set of “Sharding” specific upgrades still afar, Layer-2 scaling solutions are hogging a lot of limelight. Builders are leveraging them to build their DeFi products/protocols, making Optimism even more popular. Some of the better-known ones include the popular DEX UniSwap.

Looking to learn more about Optimism? Here is an official resource.

Optimism (OP) Overview

Ticker SymbolOP
Current Price$2.92
24-Hour Price Change-2.95%
Market Cap$623,109,059
Circulating Supply214,748,365 OP
All-Time High$3.19
All-Time Low$0.402159
Source: CoinGecko

Optimism Price Prediction and its DeFi Growth

Here is how Optimism is doing in regards to DeFi growth:

blockchain list
Source: DeFiLlama

Optimism ranks 7 in terms of DeFi TVL (Total Value Locked). Its current TVL is $549.52 million, down 2.18%, month on month. Most importantly, it houses AAVE, Curve, Uniswap, and Synthetix as some of the protocols. These protocols have their own cryptos, and therefore growth in their ecosystems might have a telling impact on the price of OP tokens.

Optimism TVL
Source: DeFi:lama

As visible, only Curve seems to be doing good in terms of DeFi TVL, month on month.

Let us see how the price of OP moved over the past month.

OP price chart
Source: TradingView

Despite the drop in TVL, OP prices moved up 10% over the past 30 days. AAVE’s TVL growth might have had an impact.

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Now that we have some clarity on Optimism’s DeFi presence and performance, let us see how the OP price chart is looking.

Here is the daily chart that we have pulled out. Let us see if we can find a pattern or not:

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView

Do note that the daily chart doesn’t have several points or candles. The reason is that OP is a relatively new token, airdropped to its users on 31 May 2022.

Still, a pattern emerges that we can use to prepare an Optimism price prediction overview.

OP tokens form a peak followed by a rounded bottom with a low, which is followed by another lower peak.

Let the peaks be A, B, C, D, and E.

Also, let the lows be M, N, O, and P.

Here is the chart depicting all the important points:

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView

Now, let us get to the calculations.

Locating the price changes

The basis of the upcoming calculations is simple:

  1. We locate the distance and price change between the peaks. (to find the next peak)
  2. We locate the distance and price change between the bottom and the next peak. (to confirm or locate the next peak).
  3. We locate the distance and price change between the previous peak and the bottom. (to find the new low). 

So let us find the distance between the peaks:

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView
ParametersA to BB to CC to DD to E
Distance65 days37 days 56 days39 days 
Price change-22.82%-35.95%-4.39%-16.35%

Now if we take the average of the distance and price change, the next lower peak surfaces in 49 days and at a low of 20% (approx).

So the next forecast line puts the point on 2 February at $0.953. Keeping the current crypto market conditions in mind, this looks like a level good enough. Let us mark this high F. 

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView

Finding the next peak

Let us now find the distance and price change percentage between the bottoms and the next peak.

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView
ParametersM to BN to CO to DP to F
Distance47 days14 days 15 days73 days
Price change478.57%48.40%123.46%24.11%

The average distance and price change % using the table above comes to be: 37 days and 168%.

Now, if we can locate the new low after F (we will call it X), we can get the new peak G in 27 days and at 168% from X.

Finding the immediate low

We now plot the path from the previous high to the next bottom. Here is the table for the same:

op/usdt chart
Source: Trading View
ParametersA to MB to NC to OD to P
Distance18 days23 days 41 days16 days
Price change-86.31%-56.67%57.21%46.60%%

The average point from one peak to the next low comes to be: 25 days and a 62% drop.

So the low from E might follow this path:

The low in 2023 can therefore be $0.458, which would be the bottom of the new pattern with E as the peak. We can call this point Y. 

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2023: Technical Analysis

Per the calculation above, the 2023 low can be $0.458, and the high can be $0.953. However, if Optimism keeps the steady growth intact (the performance analysis section will tell us more), the low might stop at $0.633, which is the low of the previous pattern or O. If that happens, we can expect a trend reversal of sorts.

But what tells us that the price of OP will drop from here? It might just shoot up. Well, let us take a look at the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator. 

op/usdt rsi
Source: TradingView

Notice that the price action is making a short-term higher high, whereas the RSI is making a short-term lower high. Hence, we have encountered a bearish divergence and a possible chance of a dip.

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2024: Technical Analysis

For Optimism to scale higher in 2024, it would first need to defeat the swing high pattern — lower highs. So if we place a Fibonacci indicator on the low of the previous pattern (Y), we can get the hidden resistance and support levels with ease.

Note: We are assuming that Optimism will experience TVL growth and a steady increase in network adoption in 2023.

To draw the Fib retracement levels to see how high OP tokens can go, you simply need to start the point at Y and drag till the line aligns with F.

On drawing the Fib levels and following the same slope (followed by the growth in Optimism’s counter), OP tokens can reach as high as $1.95 by mid-August 2023. Keeping the current crypto market conditions in mind, this might even extend to 2024.

op/usdt fib levels
Source: TradingView

Hence, the expected high in 2024 can be $1.95, marked as B1. The minimum price of OP can go as low as $0.953 to validate the trend reversal.

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2025: Technical Analysis

Now, to find the next set of points for 2025, we need to locate the next low after the peak of F. This can coincide with the low of P or $0.761. Now, again draw the Fib levels from Z to B1 to find the next course of action for OP.

op/usdt fib levels
Source: TradingView

Following the same slope puts the 2024-2025 price to be at $2.77, which even coincides with the 38.2% Fib level. 

Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2030: Technical Analysis

From 2022 (current level) to 2025, we can expect OP tokens to grow from $0.90 to $2.78. That’s an ROI of almost 206% in three years. This comes at an average of 70% per year. If we keep the linear path intact, the next five years can fetch a return of almost 350% — assuming a steady growth trajectory.

op/usdt chart
Source: TradingView

So the Optimism price prediction for 2030 could place OP tokens at $12.71. However, these predictions are at the upper spectrum of the predictions, and the prices can change depending on the appearance of bear and bull cycles. 

Here is the path till 2030:

Optimism Ecosystem Growth: Performance Analysis

The question is; why are we so sure that Optimism will look up from here, especially post-2023? Here are the insights that could make that possible.

Optimism has eaten into Ethereum’s TVL share as of 15 December 2022. It currently enjoys a share of 5.8%. 

ethereum tvl share
Source: Messari

Also, Q1 2023 might see Optimism’s network-enhancing upgrade Bedrock coming into existence. That can push the prices higher than the projected level of $0.95. However, if the “buy the news sell the event” thing happens, the prices might drop. It would all depend on the price volatility.

However, Messari’s Layer 2 screener puts Optimism in pretty good stead.

layer 2 protocol screener
Source: Messari

Still, we will keep an eye on the stablecoin and TVL over the next quarter. The idea here is to see the TVL growth across L2s and compare the price of Optimism tokens against two of its biggest competitors: Arbitrum and Polygon. 

But it is the little box in the right corner that makes us happy! Over the past 30 days, active addresses HODLing OP have grown by almost 52%. Bullish!

Read the full report here.

Optimism Volatility

The next short-term leg of the Optimism price prediction will depend on the price volatility. And we bring some good news.

op volatility
Source: Messari

Messari’s 90-day volatility chart suggests that OP volatility has dropped under 1. Do note that it was the highest in November — the month when the FTX contagion happened. A further drop can even boost Optimism’s market cap and trading volume. 

Optimism Social Growth and the Gas Fee Conundrum

The success of new layer-2 platforms depends a lot on how low the gas fees are. Here is everything you would need to know about the fee structure of the top L2s alongside Ethereum.

layer 2 fee comparison
Source: L2Fees

Do note that Optimism still levies more than Loopring and even Arbitrum for sending ETH. However, its token swapping fee is on the lower side. It would be interesting to see how the fee structure changes once Ethereum brings sharding into the mix — anytime next year. 

Social growth also has a telling impact on the price of OP. Consider this; Lido — the staking platform — came to Optimism on 6 October 2022. OP saw a sudden price rise days after this event.

op price chart
Source: TradingView

However, the overall social volume has been low yet steady for the past few months.

op social volume
Source: Santiment

Optimism Price Forecast 2023-2040

While we have the path till 2030 all traced out, here is a table that traces Optimism’s path till 2040.

YearMinimum Price of OPAverage Price of OPMaximum Price of OPPotential ROI

Do note that the average price of OP tokens any year can be anywhere between the high and low levels for the same. 

If you are concerned about the accuracy of any Optimism price prediction model like this, do note that any model that takes technical analysis, real-world use-cases, TVL growth, social factors, and other aspects into the calculation gives out more practical values. Therefore, if Optimism continues to be popular and a force to reckon with, like it is today, a $100 mark in 15 years to come should still be possible.

Optimism Price Prediction 2023

Due to the current market sentiment of OP, our Optimism price prediction for 2023 is a maximum price of $0.953 and a minimum price of $0.633. The average price is expected to be $0.843.

Potential ROI: 2.9%

Optimism Price Prediction 2024

Optimism’s price prediction for 2024 is predicted to reach a highest price of $1.95 and a minimum price of $0.953. The average price of Optimism is expected to be $1.45.

Potential ROI: 110%

Optimism Price Prediction 2025

The highest predicted price for 2025 is a $2.77, with the minimum price of OP expected to trade at $1.38. The average forecast price is expected to be $2.23.

Potential ROI: 199%

Optimism Price Prediction 2026

The Optimism forecast for 2026 is a maximum price of $4.01 and a minimum price of $2.48. The average price of OP is expected to be $3.47.

Potential ROI: 332%

Optimism Price Prediction 2027

Our Optimism price prediction for 2027 is a maximum price of $6.02 and a minimum price of $4.33. The average trading price is expected to be $5.40.

Potential ROI: 550%

Optimism Price Prediction 2028

Our Optimism price predictions for 2028 are a maximum price level of $9.03 and a minimum price of $5.59. The average price of OP in 2028 is expected to be $7.09.

Potential ROI: 873%

Optimism Price Prediction 2029

Analysts have predicted the highest price of OP in 2029 to be $11.29, with the lowest price reaching $6.99. The average forecast price is expected to be $8.41.

Potential ROI: 1117%

Optimism Price Prediction 2030

Optimism’s price for 2030 is expected to meet a maximum price of $12.71 and have a minimum forecasted price of $9.15. The average trading price for OP is predicted to be $10.89.

Potential ROI: 1270%

Optimism Price Prediction 2035

Cryptocurrency market experts predict OP will have a maximum price of $45.98 in 2035. The minimum price of OP token is expected to trade at $28.50, with the average forecast price expected to be $36.23.

Potential ROI: 4857%

Optimism Price Prediction 2040

The price of Optimism for 2040 is expected to reach a maximum price level of $112.67 and a minimum price of $81.12. The average trading price is expected to be $102.89.

Potential ROI: 12047%

Optimism Price Prediction FAQs

Is Optimism a good investment?

The Optimism price prediction reveals that once layer-2 platforms become more popular, the ROI has the potential to shoot through the roof. Also, per the recent state of ecosystem growth and TVL analysis, Optimism is currently very well placed in terms of performance compared to the likes of Loopring. Plus, a new update, Bedrock, is coming, capable of pushing the prices higher. 

Will Optimism reach $10?

The price prediction of OP tokens places the price of Optimism at $2.77 by the end of 2025. If that level holds, we can see it crossing the $10 mark in 2029.

What is Optimism’s all-time high?

As per the chart used above, Optimism reached an all-time high of almost $2.97 on 31 May at the time of the airdrop. However, as per the current price projections, the future price in 2026 might be above this all-time high level.

What is the Optimism price prediction for 2023?

The optimism price prediction for 2023 is expected to be $0.953 with a potential return of 2.9% from current price levels.

What is the Optimism price prediction for 2025?

The optimism price prediction for 2025 is expected to be $2.77 with a potential return of 199% from current price levels.

What is the Optimism price prediction for 2030?

The optimism price prediction for 2030 is expected to be $12.71 with a potential return of 1270% from current price levels.

What is the Optimism price prediction for 2035?

The optimism price prediction for 2035 is expected to be $45.98 with a potential return of 4857% from current price levels.

What is the Optimism price prediction for 2040?

The optimism price prediction for 2035 is expected to be $112.67 with a potential return of 12047% from current price levels.

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