Polkadot Price Prediction: A $3.50 DOT in 2023

Polkadot Price Prediction A $3.50 DOT in 2023

In Short

  • Polkadot price is facing significant resistance near the mid $6.00 zone.
  • DOT shows an influx of volume throughout the current declining trend.
  • Invalidation of the bearish thesis is a breach above $8.00.

Polkadot might be headed for s sweep-the-lows event targeting $3.50 if market conditions persist.

Polkadot price shows weakness

Polkadot price might already be on its way to a jaw-dropping 50% decline.  During the month of September, DOT, the innovative smart contract and gaming token, witnessed a  23% decline. An influx of volume was spotted during down days that was larger than the previous countertrend rally.

The indicator may be suggesting that the uptrend’s move is just a corrective structure as opposed to the start of a new bull run.  

Polkadot price currently auctions at $6.35 as the bulls are finding resistance from both the 8-day exponential and 21-day simple moving averages. Investors should be on the lookout as the indicators may produce a bearish death cross if market conditions persist. If the cross occurs, a liquidation towards the $3.50 liquidity level dating back to 2020 stands a high chance of occurring. 

Such a decline would result in a 40% decrease from the current market value

DOT USDT 12-Hour Chart
DOT USDT 12-Hour Chart

The Relative Strength Index compounds the bearish idea as bearish divergences are subtly displayed within the current price range. The bull’s failure to retrace 50% of the current downswing is also a key proponent confounding an upcoming sell-off.  A bullish spike will be needed to reset the divergence, or the downfall will be imminent.

Invalidation of the bearish thesis can occur if the bulls reconquer the $8.00 swing high produced on September 12th. If the breach occurs, an additional hike towards $10 could occur, resulting in an 85% increase from the current Polkadot price.

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Tony Montpeirous
Tony Montpeirous
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