Pro Fortnite Player Mongraal Tops BAYC Dookey Dash Leaderboard

Pro Fortnite Player Mongraal Tops BAYC Dookey Dash Leaderboard

In Short

  • Mongraal tops the Dookey Dash leaderboard with a score of over 807k
  • Many believe his audience could lead to a boost in the NFT gaming sector
  • Yuga Lab’s Sewer Passes have done over 27k ETH in volume

18-year-old professional Fortnite player Kyle Jackson aka “Mongraal” has set the new high score on Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFT game Dookey Dash.

He tweeted out a screenshot yesterday showing the high score of over 807k. The second highest score currently sits at 741k per the official leaderboard.

This is the second time he’s claimed the top spot, breaking the record for the first time 3 day ago with a score of just under 700k.

Many believe this could be the begging of a new wave of people being introduced to NFTs and NFT gaming.

Mongraal currently boasts an audience of over 4.6M on YouTube, and 5.4M on Twitch, with majority being from the Fortnite community.

Mongraal has not yet posted any of his attempts on socials but stated he has “basically all [his] runs recorded.” Being a content creator of his size, we could potentially see an influx in new users, giving a boost to the blockchain gaming sector as a whole.

Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass – the NFT that grants access to the Dookey Dash game – is a skill-based mint with scores from the game being tied to the rarity of rewards that will be given out to players. Yuga is yet to disclose what the rewards will be for the rankings will be. However, knowing the track record of Yuga mints, its a no-brainer that those that finish at the top will reap the highest rewards. The Sewer Pass collection has done over 27k ETH in volume since it was released earlier this month, according to OpenSea data.

Mongraal has won 15 tournaments in his professional gaming career and has taken home an estimated earnings of over $700k.

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