Rarible Launches NFT Marketplace Builder For Polygon-based Collections

Rarible Launches NFT Marketplace Builder For Polygon-based Collections

Rarible, one of the leading marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has announced the launch of a new marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections. 

With the new marketplace builder, users can easily create and customize their own NFT marketplaces, including setting prices, modifying artwork, and managing inventory. The builder also supports various payment methods, such as credit cards and cryptocurrency.

The product can be especially useful for artists, musicians, and other creators who want to build a dedicated following and fan base for their NFTs and take control of their NFT collections.

“We see community marketplaces as the future of NFT buying and selling and we believe every project should have its own marketplace. The self-serve tool is vital for making this happen,” said Alexei Falin, co-founder, and CEO of Rarible.

“We’ve seen the Polygon NFT market gain tremendous traction. When discussing which chain would be next for our marketplace builder tool, Polygon was the clear choice.”

User-friendly tools

This is just the latest in a series of developments from Rarible aimed at making the NFT market more accessible and user-friendly. In Aug. 2022, Rarible launched the NFT marketplace builder for Ethereum-based collections and has since kept on adding new features. 

The self-service tool is currently used by more than 1200 collections and has plans to expand to other blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain.

Another win for Polygon

For Polygon, this would be yet another accomplishment. The blockchain has swiftly established itself as a “funnel” to Web3 for Web2 brands. It now powers the blockchain infrastructure for several popular brands, including Instagram, Starbucks, and Reddit. 

Last month, leading Solana-based marketplace Magic Eden also added support for Polygon in a bid to entice blockchain-based game developers and players. 

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Himan Mohapatra
Himan Mohapatra
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