Saakuru Emerges as Web3 Gaming Leader as it Hits 5M Daily Transactions

Singapore, Singapore, 11th July 2024, Chainwire

Singapore, Singapore, July 11th, 2024, Chainwire

Saakuru Labs, an innovator in the Web3 gaming and infrastructure, has hit 5 million daily transactions, solidifying its position as a major player in Web3 gaming alongside other established platforms.

In addition to surpassing 5 million daily transactions, Saakuru ranks among the top 5 blockchain networks by daily transactions, according to dApp Radar. It also ranks in the top 5 based on daily active user wallets (UAW), further highlighting its rising popularity in the industry and among Web3 gamers.

According to the latest rankings, Saakuru Labs hosts four dApps within the top ten, including notable and rapidly growing titles such as Playbits by Playground, Copycat Killer, Panic, and Parkour Battle.

Looking ahead, Saakuru Labs plans to expand its offerings with the launch of 4 new games and dApps in July: Samurai Saga, Khuga Rumble Arena, Soccer Sage, and Tix3. Each promises unique gameplay experiences and utilizes blockchain technology to enhance user interaction and ownership.

“Hitting these major industry achievements is a moment of pride for us, receiving clear recognition from the Web3 and gaming community,” said Jack Vinijtrongjit, Co-Founder and CEO at Saakuru Labs. “Our focus remains on delivering innovative gaming experiences while promoting transparency and ownership through blockchain technology, and will continue this momentum looking forward, introducing more exciting titles and features for our growing community.” 

About Saakuru Labs

Saakuru is a consumer-centric L2 Protocol with Zero Transaction Fees enhanced with Saakuru Developer Suite that enables embedding complex digital products to Web3 in one day. The powerful and developer-friendly product suite centered around the Saakuru blockchain allows cost-efficient and seamless connectivity from Web2 to Web3.

Saakuru’s ultra-fast block time allows developers to seamlessly run on-chain applications, like MMORPG games, delivering an authentic multiplayer experience. Furthermore, it enhances the user experience by entirely removing gas fees, making it especially user-friendly for those new to Web3.

Learn more about Saakuru Labs here.

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Co-Founder and CEO
Jack Vinijtrongjit
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