Saakuru Labs Empowers Prabowo-Gibran Presidential Campaign with Blockchain and NFT Technologies

Jakarta, Indonesia, February 6th, 2024, Chainwire

In an unprecedented move, Saakuru Labs (formerly known as AAG), leading innovators in the Web3 infrastructure sector, has teamed up with Relawan Konco Kulo Gibran, as an appointed tech partner by Prabowo-Gibran presidential campaign in Indonesia for the election campaign, slated to happen on February 14th, 2024. This collaboration marks the first-ever use of Blockchain and NFT-based gamified Presidential Election Campaign globally, with the youngest-ever vice-presidential candidate in Indonesian history, aimed at engaging Generation Z and showcasing Indonesia’s pioneering role in applying cutting-edge technology.

Saakuru App, TomoOne gamification platform, and gas-fee-less Saakuru Blockchain will be used to introduce “Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO”, symbolizing the two candidates running together, a user-friendly gamified education platform designed to capture the attention of Indonesia’s younger generation (a demographic that constitutes over 50% of the population and is estimated at 140M people). The initiative is a part of the Prabowo-Gibran’s “HILIRISASI DIGITAL” (Digital Downstreaming) program, ensuring active participation in advanced technology applications, and offering children in Indonesia unparalleled access to learn and build careers in global technology sectors.

Prabowo and Gibran, strong proponents of Web3, seized the opportunity to adopt the NFT gating concept by employing the “Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO”. Their aim was twofold: to educate the public about this innovative approach and to employ it as a key to unlock access to EdTech platforms. This initiative is designed to enhance English proficiency in Indonesia, foster an understanding of Web3 technology, and demonstrate how AI can create a distinctive and effective learning experience.

“Through our collaboration with Web3 infrastructure leader, Saakuru Labs, we eagerly anticipate the ‘Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO’ game ecosystem. This initiative is key to reaching Indonesia’s younger generation, exposing them to high-tech, and engaging them in opportunities that harness their potential. Our partnership with Saakuru Labs is a clear demonstration of our commitment to integrating innovative technologies for a brighter, more technologically adept Indonesia, offering enhanced global work opportunities and a forward-looking perspective.” 

  • Prabowo & Gibran, Presidential Candidates, Indonesia

“Saakuru Labs is immensely proud to be selected by Prabowo & Gibran for this significant collaboration. It’s an honor to participate in this pivotal initiative, aimed at bridging the gap between Indonesia’s younger generation and the world of cutting-edge technology. We are committed to leveraging our expertise in blockchain and interactive platforms like the ‘Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO’ game ecosystem to inspire, educate, and open up new opportunities for the youth. This partnership symbolizes our dedication to fostering a tech-savvy future generation, fully equipped to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

  • Nelly Sutjiadi, Chairwoman & Co-Founder, Saakuru Labs

Saakuru Labs is supported by world-class EdTech partners such as Crypto RunSingSingEng Breaking by GOGABitDegree, and ERM LABS.

The Konco Kulo Gibran x Saakuru Labs x Prabowo-Gibran presidential campaign partnership underlines a commitment to empower Indonesians through the Saakuru Labs Platform, contributing to Indonesia’s “Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision.” It symbolises a stride towards engaging the nation’s youth in the digital revolution, reinforcing Indonesia’s emerging leadership in global technology.

About Saakuru Labs (formerly AAG)

Saakuru Labs is a Web3 enterprise software company and the operator of the gas-fee-less Saakuru Blockchain, a layer-2 solution on Oasys. At Saakuru Labs, we provide critical pieces of Web3 infrastructure to ease access, increase security, and allow users and companies to generate income from the Web3 economy. Our innovative solution such as seedless Saakuru Wallet SDK seamlessly integrates your products with popular blockchains, offering an effortless transition with as little as one day.

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