Swyftx Referral Code 2024 – $10 Sign Up Bonus

Swyftx Referral Code Feature

What is Swyftx Referral Code?

Swyftx referral code is FREE10 and can be used at sign up to get a $10 bonus. Sign up and share your referral code with your friends and family to earn $10. 

Sign Up to Swyftx

Sign up using the instructions below to claim your $10 bonus. 

  1. Register for a Swyftx account here
  2. Add the code FREE10 where it says ‘Referral Code (optional)’.
  3. Complete the form and click ‘Create Account’.
  4. Complete the verification process and begin trading.
Swyftx Referral Code Sign Up
Swyftx Referral Code Sign Up

Swyftx Referral Program

Swyftx is offering you $10 worth of BTC when you sign up and verify your account using the referral code FREE10. Sign up and complete the KYC verification process, and $10 will be deposited into your account. 

If you wish to join the referral program and earn some extra cash, you can go to your account and visit the ‘Affiliate Dashboard’. You can make your custom referral link and share that with anyone who wishes to join the platform. You can also keep track of how many people you’ve signed up via the affiliate dashboard and how much you’re expected to be paid out. The payout amount is calculated from the trading volume of each user you’ve signed up.

Swyftx Review

Swyftx is an optimal crypto exchange for beginners or experienced traders. The exchange’s minimal spread and reduced trading fees allow for optimal trading performance on the platform. In addition, its advanced trading features make it easy to get acquainted with cryptocurrency trading. Features such as demo trading, recurring trades and portfolio tracking makes time on the platform a profitable venture.

Deposits and Trading

Once you register with the referral code FREE10, you gain access to an internal wallet with which you can store cryptocurrencies bought. Trading on Swyftx is relatively easy and very robust for beginners or experienced traders. Several deposit options are available on the platform (PayID, OSKI, POLi or bank transfers) if you wish to purchase crypto directly via the exchange. Swyftx has all the features you could want when it comes to trading. They have stop, limit, and market orders and a ‘coinswap’ feature that works similarly to a decentralised exchange.

If you’d like to try out the exchange before you sign up, you can get a glimpse of each feature on the platform via a demo account. You can familiarise yourself with the platform’s interface before making deposits and trading. 

Demo Mode

The demo mode is a great place to learn and understand the market without incurring any financial risk. After you feel comfortable, you can sign up to the exchange using our referral code “FREE10”. 

They say practice makes perfect. With the Swyftx demo mode, you can get a feel of the platform’s unique features such as Card deposits, two-factor authentication, Stop and limit orders, trading charts and biometric verification. 

By signing up with the referral code FREE10you will get a demo account with which you can play around with all the Swyftx exchange features without having to make a deposit.


Swyftx offers high volume discounts on every trade carried out. In addition to the sign-up bonus when you join using the referral code FREE10, you will benefit from a low trading fee of 0.6% on all transactions with unlimited volume. 

Swyftx also offers 0% fees on all deposits and withdrawals. Fiat withdraws will be 100% free but if you are withdrawing crypto, keep in mind that there will be a network fee that can fluctuate depending on the token. 

Automated Investing

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to be actively trading and would instead just invest and forget, you can take advantage of Swyftx’s reoccurring orders feature. You can set up reoccurring deposits and have those instantly invested into hand-picked assets. 

Portfolio Tracking

Swyftx has an easy-to-use interface that helps you stay on top of your investments. You can view real-time profits and loss value via your portfolio tab on your account.

Are you a beginner trying to earn your first buck as a cryptocurrency trader? Or have you started but haven’t found a platform you quite enjoy? You are open to endless capabilities and trading when you register to Swyftx with the referral code FREE10.

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