TAG Heuer are Bringing NFTs to Your Wrist

Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is leading from the front again with a feature to display NFTs on the face of their digital watch.
TAG Heuer are Bringing NFTs to Your Wrist

Owners of the newly launched Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch will get the new feature. Users can connect the smartwatch to decentralized wallets for their NFTs to be synched and displayed in a twitter-like hexagonal pattern on the watch face. Currently, the watch supports Metamask and Ledger wallets with JPEG and GIF NFT integration.

The LVMH-owned watchmaker was also one of the early movers to accept crypto payments in the luxury segment. Before a few weeks, the company partnered with Bitpay to let users pay in thirteen cryptocurrencies for purchases on its e-commerce platform. The rollout of the new feature marks yet another commitment to Web3 technology for the brand.

Frédéric Arnault, CEO of Tag Heuer said:

“Not launching our own NFT collection but allowing collectors to use their NFTs in a new way was the most obvious first step. We speak to all passionate collectors”

He added that the NFT display functionality would create another attractive proposition for potential customers.

The Switzerland-based company is understood to have worked with blue-chip NFT collections – BAYC, Cryptopunks, and CLONE-X – to fine-tune the functionality. It took several iterations before finalizing the new designs. Watch owners can also display their personal photos curated by Tag Heuer.

Arnault is equally excited to try out the feature as he recently acquired a Bored Ape with an eyepatch and diamond grin.

Tag Heuer also promised to introduce more such features related to crypto and NFTs in the future.

The watch industry is an early adopter and has since dabbled with NFTs in a bid to attract consumers. Hublot, Bulgari, and Breitling have all released their NFTs in the recent past.

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