XCAD Network Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030: Will XCAD reach $10?

XCAD Network Price Prediction

XCAD Network has made a revolution in the watch-to-earn trend and aims to bridge the gap between content creators and users. 

As the blockchain industry becomes the talk of the town, several brands are using this sector as an opportunity to build a profitable infrastructure in the era of a competitive market.

But how will this add up in the future price predictions of XCAD? Let’s take a look!

XCAD Network Overview

CryptocurrencyXCAD Network
Ticker SymbolXCAD
Current Price$1.34
24-Hour Price Change2.71%
Market Cap$48,591,416
Circulating Supply36,168,399 XCAD
All-Time High$9.06
All-Time Low$0.503462
Source: CoinGecko

What is XCAD Network?

XCAD Network is a tokenization platform that content creators can use to transform their audiences into token-gated communities and reward them with tokenized incentives. 

XCAD brings this concept to the streaming platform giant YouTube and has since onboarded 91 content creators to its network – each with their own token. 

Creators are issued unique ‘Creator Tokens’ for distribution to their fans when they enroll in the platform’s Content Creator Rewards program. 

Users can earn creator tokens by watching their favorite creators on Youtube with the XCAD plugin installed. The earned creator tokens can be used as voting rights for future content, redeem merchandise, mint NFTs, etc. 

Initially, the XCAD token launched on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 asset until it eventually migrated to Zilliqa as a ZRC2 token.

XCAD Network Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

XCAD has been performing relatively well during the Christmas rally, and it seeks to bring bullish hopes soon to investors with an incredible breakout in the price chart ahead. 

XCAD network marked a significant recovery rally in the last few days after its sudden collapse in November following the downfall of the popular crypto exchange FTX. 

The developing team behind XCAD aims to develop a bright future for the token despite the recent turmoil, as the community looks optimistic about its expected future potential. 

Our XCAD technical analysis brings in-depth analysis of the current price trend with advanced technical indicators to help you execute a profitable investment plan. 


Observing the 1-day price chart of XCAD, it is poised to flash solid bullish signals after a minor bearish consolidation in the upcoming days. 

XCAD has previously witnessed a noticeable price fluctuation due to the market crash in May and recently initiated a death spiral after a massive liquidation caused by FTX’s bankruptcy. 

XCAD coin began its bearish trajectory after making a fake breakout near its fundamental resistance level of $2.8 on 7 November.

According to CoinMarketCap, the current XCAD price trades at $1.21, with an uptrend of nearly 2.5% from yesterday’s performance. However, after making a low of $0.97 on 17 December, XCAD formed support below its 0.31 Fib levels from its current price level.

In the last few days, XCAD price consolidated near weekly RSI levels as the altcoin market paved its way to the North. The daily RSI-14 is slowly moving toward the North direction after pulling out from the mud of a confusion zone of 40 and is currently hovering around an extremely bullish region of 55. 

The BoP indicator trades in a stable region of 0.01, which may soon push the XCAD token to test its resistance levels.

A smooth uptrend is forecasted as the crypto market is currently in a recovery phase as the impact of FTX is fading with better-than-expected CPI data and enhancements within the XCAD network.


Our XCAD technical analysis reveals that the current downtrend of the market will mark a prolonged effect on multiple altcoins, and XCAD is no exception. 

There is a strong battle between the bulls and bears with intense selling pressure, which may plunge this digital asset to a critical level of $1.05. However, the MACD line forms a bullish pattern above the signal line as it forms bullish candles in the XCAD price graph. 

The Bollinger bands are also widening as the lower limit is at $0.98, acting as a crucial support level. 

If the XCAD coin drops below $0.94, it can slump hard and trade near the bottom level of $0.75. Conversely, the Bollinger band’s upper limit is at $1.4 near the EMA-100 trend line, above which XCAD can skyrocket to its next resistance level of EMA-200 at $1.85. 

It is anticipated that XCAD may continue its current upward progress and form a minor consolidation range near the EMA-50 level before making any further price movement before the start of 2023.

XCAD Network Price Today

XCAD Network Price Predictions 2023-2030

YearMinimum Price of XCADAverage Price of XCADMaximum Price of XCADPotential ROI

XCAD Price Prediction 2023

According to our XCAD price prediction for 2023, XCAD Network is predicted to attain a maximum price of $1.32, with a minimum price value of $1.15. The average forecast price of XCAD for 2023 is predicted to be $1.20. 

Potential ROI: 29%

XCAD Network Price Prediction 2024

The XCAD Network price prediction for 2024 is expected to be a maximum price of $2.61, with a minimum price of $2.04. XCAD is predicted to trade at an average price of $2.30 throughout the year.

Potential ROI: 155%

XCAD Price Prediction 2025

Following previous XCAD Network price predictions, our 2025 prediction suggests that the maximum value of XCAD will be $3.98, and the minimum price value will be $3.11. XCAD’s average trading price for 2025 is expected to be $3.35.

Potential ROI: 290%

XCAD Network Price Prediction 2026

XCAD’s price prediction for 2026 expects a maximum price of $5.49, with a minimum yearly price of $4.89. XCAD Network is forecasted to trade at an average price of $5.07 during 2026.

Potential ROI: 438%

XCAD Network Price Prediction 2027

Analysts predict that XCAD Network will trade at a maximum price of $7.30 during 2027. The minimum expected price of XCAD in 2027 is $6.33, and the average price of XCAD is predicted to be $6.93.

Potential ROI: 615%

XCAD Price Prediction 2028

The XCAD price prediction for 2028 is that XCAD will reach a maximum price of $9.89 and a minimum trading price of $7.91. The average trading price throughout 2028 is predicted to be $8.45.

Potential ROI: 869%

XCAD Network Price Forecast 2029

Following the previous XCAD Network price predictions, XCAD is expected to further expand its product line-up and market growth in 2029. Analysts predict that XCAD will reach a maximum price of $11.94 and a yearly low of $9.91. XCAD is forecasted to trade at an average price of $10.44.

Potential ROI: 1070%

XCAD Price Prediction 2030

Analysts predict 2030 prices of XCAD will depend on the crypto market’s favorability. If all goes well, we can expect to see XCAD’s maximum price be $15.39 and a minimum price of $13.25 for the year. XCAD is expected to trade at an average price of $14.31 in 2030.

Potential ROI: 1408%

XCAD Network Price Prediction FAQ

Will XCAD reach $10?

Yes, it is predicted the XCAD will reach $10 by the end of 2029.

What is the XCAD price prediction for 2023?

XCAD is predicted to reach a price of $1.32 by 2023.

What is the XCAD price prediction for 2025?

XCAD is predicted to reach a price of $3.98 by 2025.

What is the XCAD price prediction for 2030?

XCAD is predicted to reach a price of $15.39 by 2030.

Is XCAD a good investment?

Crypto analysts believe that XCAD may perform poorly in the short-term. However, XCAD is expected to eventually be profitable for long-term holders and outperform other micro-cap currencies.

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