y00ts are driving the hype for Solana NFT bullrun

Galactic Geckos, ABCs, and DeGods all soar 100%
y00ts are driving the hype for Solana NFT bullrun

It’s no surprise that the hype around NFTs has turned its attention to those on Solana. 

OpenSea – Ethereum’s leading NFT marketplace – has taken a nose-dive, recording its lowest volume day since early 2021, suggesting investors are losing interest in Ethereum-based NFTs. 

With the highly-anticipated y00ts NFT drop just around the corner, and more projects coming out of the gate, investors are looking for buy-in opportunities anywhere on Solana.

Galactic Geckos – an “OG” project on Solana – has seen a 100% increase in floor price over the last week. Currently sitting at 25 SOL or $800 at the time of writing, according to data from MagicEden. 

However, Galactic Geckos are not the only project we’ve seen sky-rocket in price over the last few weeks. DeGods – the counterpart project of y00ts and the highest NFTs in terms of floor price – saw an increase of 300 SOL over the last month, breaking all-time highs and peaking at a floor price of 615 SOL, according to MagicEden data.

ABC or Abracadabra is a newer collection on Solana that has grown in popularity after launching on Aug 23. Run by CT Twitter influencer 9x9x9, the project offers a different approach to the traditional ways of doing things having no Discord, Twitter, or official Team. “ABC isn’t a project, it’s just Art,” 9x9x9 said in a Twitter thread about the collection. ABC’s currently sits at a floor price of 17 SOL, up 150% from last week

It should be interesting to see how Solana NFTs hold up and whether they will eventually rain victor of Ethereum-based collections.

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