You can now “Burn” your Solana NFTs on Phantom

You can now “Burn” your Solana NFTs on Phantom

Phantom – the most popular Solana wallet – announced a new feature to remove spam NFTs from your wallet. Users will also get bonus $SOL for doing so. 

Unwanted NFTs have become a growing problem in recent months, not only with clutter but those with harmful intents. Most “airdropped” NFTs contain malicious phishing links that can lead to users’ wallets being drained.

These NFTs sometimes prompt users to connect their wallets to claim a “free mint” or sometimes ask them to input their seed phrases – which of course, you should never do

Burning in action

I too, like many others, have received these “spam” NFTs in my wallet. 

Let’s head over to phantom and check out the process.

NFT collectibles – Phantom

Inside my collectibles, I have one NFT that is clearly spam. I’ve never even purchased one with this wallet. Let’s BURN IT!

Sol NFT burn
Spam NFT
Sol NFT rebate
Burn NFT confirmation

When I click onto the NFT I get the option to “Burn all tokens…” In this case, it’s only the one but click on that regardless. I then get a window asking to accept the Burn and it shows how much of a rebate I’ll get in SOL .

0.00203928 SOL in return to burn a free NFT I don’t want? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Burning NFT
token burned
Token successfully burned

Wait for the transaction to go through, and that all! No more NFT.

SOL recent activity

The transaction will then show up in your recent activity.

Spam free future

Phantom has taken on the challenge of fighting spam and have collaborated with Blowfish to introduce an advanced phishing warning system. 

“When spam NFTs trick users into using a misleading site, we issue a warning on any malicious transactions that could compromise their assets or permissions.”


Phantom plans to continue improving and implementing spam prevention in future updates. 

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Liam Peak
Liam Peak
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