Zipmex Referral Code 2024: $10 Free ZMT Bonus

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Zipmex Referral Code

Buy and sell digital assets at the best prices on Zipmex. Zipmex provides high liquidity and trusted prices. You can become a trader on Zipmex by signing up with the referral code is F9QawUHctw. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Register for a Zipmex account here
  2. Add the code F9QawUHctw where it says ‘Referral or Affiliate code (Optional)’.
  3. Complete the form and click ‘Create Account’.
  4. Complete the verification process
  5. Buy ZMT and lock with the ZipLock feature
Zipmex Referral Code Sign Up
Zipmex Referral Code Sign Up

Zipmex Referral Program

Zipmex’s referral program varies from other platforms in that the user who refers another user receives a set reward in ZMTs rather than a portion of his trading commissions. This is beneficial to this exchange since the amount of ZMTs defines the loyalty program level, which includes discounts and incentives.

Sign up for the site using our referral code F9QawUHctw, and go through the verification procedure to invite others. After that, you’ll have a unique URL to share with anyone that wishes to join Zipmex. This is a free to join program that requires no additional setup or verification. 

The referral program is limitless, and you may refer an endless number of users via your link and get a bonus for each one. Note that this is a single-level program, which means you only receive incentives if you manually bring users, and you don’t get benefits if your referrals recruit users.

Zipmex Review

Zipmex is a fully regulated digital asset exchange platform to provide innovative services to digital currency traders and liquidity providers. Users can easily purchase and sell assets because of the platform’s intuitive interface, which enables transactions with a smooth experience.

Locations and Regulations

Zipmex is a centralized exchange situated in Singapore and Thailand. The platform was launched in September 2019 and has grown to be a full-fledged trading platform accepting several currencies, including AUD, IDR, SGD, USD, and THB, as fiat to crypto conversions. Like other cryptocurrency platforms, it is regulated by AUSTRAC. 

Zipmex Fees 

Compared to other crypto exchanges, Zipmex provides a low price and trading fee or around 0.2% per transaction. Its rates are reasonable and geared toward maximizing revenues for clients.

Fees for deposits and withdrawals are evaluated regularly and may be changed on the first business day of each week. 

A fixed withdrawal charge is levied from the withdrawal amount for each cryptocurrency withdrawal. Please keep in mind that the amount you withdraw must be more significant than the withdrawal charge.

Supported Cryptocurrencies 

Zipmex offers a small number of popular cryptocurrencies (around 50+) that users routinely purchase and trade. This guarantees that even a novice trader may quickly navigate the market and avoid being confused by an overloaded amount of coins.

Beginner Friendly 

The platform offers a variety of information and features that make trading cryptocurrencies on their platform simple for beginners. These will assist you in doing technical analysis, devising the best plan, and assisting trading assets to maximize your earnings. Get started by signing up on Zipmex with the referral code F9QawUHctw.

High-Security Measures 

Zipmex places a high premium on security, ensuring the protection of your bitcoin, assets, other cryptos, and information. Its adherence to government rules necessitates implementing certain specialized security measures.

Zipmex has teamed up with BitGo to provide you with the most outstanding digital wallet security, including $100 million (USD) in insurance coverage.

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