Bitfinex Referral Code – Get 6% Off Fees (2024)

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What is Bitfinex Referral Code?

Bitfinex referral code is H_aXlv9kl and can be claimed when you sign up for the exchange. In addition, users that sign up with the code will gain a 6% rebate fee. 

How To Claim Referral Bonus (Sign Up)

It’s simple to get started on the Bitfinex Exchange so that you can start trading and earning through referrals.

  1. Visit Bitfinex using our referral link here and select ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner of the home page.
  2. Fill in your details, and add the referral code ‘H_aXlv9kl’ to gain a 6% rebate fee on your sign up. 
Bitfinex Referral Code Sign Up
Bitfinex Referral Code Sign Up

Bitfinex Exchange Affiliate Program

Any Bitfinex user can take advantage of their relationships in the crypto community and join the affiliate program, allowing them to invite new users to the exchange and claim rewards for both parties. After sign-up is complete, unique referral codes can be easily generated in the Bitfinex referral dashboard.

Bitfinex is unique in its referral offering, with referrers earning up to 3 levels of fees within their referral network. 18% on the first degree, 6% on the second, and 2% on the third.

On top of this, if the referrals meet the requirements, referrers will also be eligible for commission multipliers.

These requirements include:

  • Becoming a verified referrer – up to 1.2x revenue
  • Members of your referral network become verified – up to 1.2x revenue
  • Members of your network holding UNUS SED LEO assets – up to 1.5x revenue
  • Sharing and liking official Bitfinex social posts – up to 1.2x revenue
  • Members of your network sharing and liking official Bitfinex social posts – up to 1.2x revenue

Referring users will gift their referees a 6% rebate fee upon signing up, and referrers can easily track their earnings from referrals through the affiliate dashboard. 

Developer Program

Bitfinex are firm in their aspirations to grow and add value to the broader crypto community. Therefore, those developing programs using Bitfinex APIs will also be eligible for 5% rebates on all trades made through the API. 

About Bitfinex

A popular cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex offers features for both new and experienced traders. Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is proud of its longevity in the industry and boasts of its positioning at the forefront of technological innovation for asset trading in the digital space.

Bitfinex has historically suffered several problems, including the second-largest recorded Bitcoin theft in 2016. Although it was a huge blow, Bitfinex seems to have been able to use these earlier problems with hacking to heighten its security, with it now offering extra security features to fortify its systems.

We’re going to examine the features of the Bitfinex Exchange, where its strengths lie for traders, and if it’s suitable for beginners.

What assets are on the Bitfinex Exchange Marketplace?

Bitfinex has a diverse marketplace with over 150 tradeable assets. Whilst, like many other exchanges, it is not available in the US, it caters to many other countries and permits deposits in several different fiat currencies. 

Bitfinex Trading View
Bitfinex Trading View

Assets available on the Bitfinex marketplace include:

  • BTC
  • LUNA 
  • USDT
  • ETH 
  • XRP
  • MIR
  • ANC

Bitfinex also offer discounts and rebates based on the holdings of UNUS SED LEO utility tokens by traders. The tokens are managed by its parent company iFinex.

You can see the complete marketplace here.

Bitfinex Fees

On the Bitfinex exchange, holding the LEO cryptocurrency asset in your account qualifies traders for a discount on trading fees.

Here are the standard fees for Bitfinex:

Transaction typeMaker FeeTaker Fee
Crypto to Crypto0.10%0.20%
Crypto to Stablecoin0.10%0.20%
Crypto to Fiat0.10%0.20%

Here are the fee discounts from LEO holdings:

Transaction typeLevel 1 (>1 USDt LEO Equivalent)Level 2 (>5000 USDt LEO Equivalent)Level 3 (>10000 USDt LEO Equivalent)
Crypto to Crypto-15% Taker Fees-25% Taker Fees-25% + Up to 6bps Taker Fees
Crypto to Stablecoin-15% Taker Fees-25% Taker Fees-25% + Up to 6bps Taker Fees
Crypto to Fiat--10% Taker Fees-10% + Up to 6bps Taker Fees
Derivatives--Up to 0.5bps/1.5bps Maker fees / Taker fees

Advanced Features of the Bitfinex Exchange

The Bitfinex Exchange proudly promotes its sophisticated and advanced features for more experienced traders.

As well as facilitating advanced API opportunities for developers within the exchange with The Bitfinex REST and Websocket APIs, Bitfinex also offers advanced and effective reporting features with in-depth charting and enhanced reporting options.

Another advanced feature, The Bitfinex Terminal, allows traders to use algorithmic strategies to identify historical trends and optimise and enhance their market research to maximise potential.

These advanced analytical features will appeal to many traders, including those more experienced and those new to cryptocurrency and trading.

Is Bitfinex suitable for beginners?

It’s no secret that Bitfinex has a history of regulatory challenges. Still, its ongoing prevalence and (mostly) above-average customer feedback ratings show that traders are putting their trust in the exchange.

Its knowledge base and variety of assets will likely be a winner for new traders, whilst more experienced users will be able to take advantage of some of the more advanced features, detailed statistics and data reporting. 

If you’re looking to sign up, don’t forget to use your Bitfinex Exchange referral code H_aXlv9kl to take advantage of your sign up reward.

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