Blocktrade Arcade Surpasses One Million Gameplays Three Months After Launch

Luxemburg, Luxemburg, April 24th, 2024, Chainwire

EU-regulated crypto trading platform Blocktrade is celebrating a major milestone after its Arcade surpassed a million gameplays just three months after launch. The landmark highlights the feature’s immediate popularity with users, who clearly value the Arcade’s blend of gaming excitement and trading thrills.

Designed to elevate the typical trading experience with the integration of absorbing gamified content, Blocktrade Arcade sets the scene for a more interactive and dynamic experience. These arcade-style games also foster a sense of excitement and community, a departure from the often solitary nature of trading.

At launch, Blocktrade Arcade introduced a trio of games: Fly & Collect, Bubble Shooter, and Match 3. Each release was engineered to appeal to both casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts, balancing simplicity with riveting gameplay. While Fly & Collect compelled players to navigate obstacles and collect tokens, Bubble Shooter tested their skills in matching colored bubbles. Match 3’s classic puzzle format, meanwhile, encouraged strategic thinking.

Blocktrade Arcade’s engagement model – which offers Experience Points (XP) as rewards and daily limits on earned XP – encourages users to keep coming back. By promoting a sense of anticipation and urgency, the model has transformed Blocktrade into the go-to destination for many crypto traders around the world.

“We are absolutely delighted with the success of our Arcade, one of the first exchange products to effectively merge the worlds of gaming and crypto,” said Blocktrade CEO Christian Niedermüller. “By offering an experience that is both stimulating and rewarding, we’re making the world of crypto more accessible and engaging for all.”

A distinctive feature of Blocktrade Arcade is the individual leaderboards for each game. Tapping into the competitive spirit of gamers, this feature arouses a sense of community and camaraderie with many players having already shared their scores and debated strategy on platforms like Telegram.

The platform’s arcade games boast a 92% completion rate, indicating a high level of user engagement. With the average game session lasting just 50 seconds, the releases also cater to players’ busy lifestyles and encourage frequent platform visits.

Niedermüller says Blocktrade intends to expand its arcade offerings in the near future by introducing new games, further integrating its native BTEX token into the platform, and partnering with third-party game developers.

About Blocktrade:

Blocktrade is an EU-regulated gamified crypto trading platform. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, Blocktrade is dedicated to enhancing the digital asset trading experience for users around the world.

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