Invisible Friends NFT: Read this before buying

Invisible Friends NFT Read this before buying

Key Takeaways

  • Invisible Friends is an NFT collection of 5,000 animated characters on Ethereum
  • Invisible Friends had a mint price of 0.25 ETH
  • The Floor price reach an ATH of 12 ETH after the initial mint

If you’ve got a decent foothold in the world of NFTs, then you would’ve probably heard about Invisible Friends NFT. However, if you’re new to this virtual realm, chances are you’re hearing about this collection for the first time. Either way, this is what you need to know.

invisible friends

Invisible Friends NFT is a collection of 5,000 animated characters on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes this collection unique is the fact that these characters are invisible, so their prominent feature is their clothing.

Most buyers of this NFT collection are big fashion lovers who look for a project to resonate with.

Who’s behind Invisible Friends?

The Invisible Friends NFT collection was created by a Swedish animator named Markus Magnusson, of which released he 5,000 characters. He revealed that the project is catered towards people who are kids at heart.

The launch was a massive success, selling out within 24 hours and causing their prices to jump to ~12 ETH or just about $29K at the time.

When was the mint?

Invisible Friends was first minted on February 23, 2022. Straying away from the typical 10,000 piece collection, a limited supply of only 5,000 created a ton of hype for the launch.

The pre-sale prices were soaring, however it quickly calmed down after the launch took place.

Invisible Friends NFT price

When they launched, Invisible Friends had a mint price of 0.25 ETH or $700 at the time. However, due to the low supply and high demand, they sold out instantly. This caused the NFT collection to have a very sharp price hike.

The floor price went as high as 12 ETH or $29K at the time. It stabilized soon after, landing at a floor price of around 9 ETH or $22K, with trading volume being close to 10,000 ETH or $24 million.

The current floor price sits at 1.88 ETH at the time of writing.

Invisible Friends NFT Floor Price
source: nftpricefloor

Where to buy an Invisible Friends NFT

If you are looking to purchase an Invisible Friends NFT, then you can do so on one of these NFT marketplaces:

Rarest Invisible Friends NFTs

You may not know this, but not every character in the Invisible Friends NFT collection holds the same market value. Certain characters are more unique which gives them a higher market value. These characters are super rare and in high demand.

Here are the top four most rarest and most popular characters from the Invisible Friends NFT collection:



This NFT piece features an invisible character who is walking through a crime scene. He is outlined with a white chalk and is wearing a blue beanie and detective-type glasses. He is also wrapped in the ‘CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS’ yellow tape. This is one of the most popular NFTs from the Invisible Friends NFT collection. It was last sold on OpenSea for 200 ETH or about $323K at the time of writing.


1001 1

The #1001 character piece from the Invisible Friends NFT collection is among the most popular pieces from this collection. It features an invisible character who is walking directly through green lasers that can’t sense his presence. He is doing so while carrying a bag of jewels that he stole. He’s also wearing a blue beanie and black nerd glasses. This character piece was last sold on OpenSea for 110 ETH or about $177K at the time of writing. It has about the same market as the previously discussed #1125.


2165 1

This character piece is a supernatural being. It is also often referred to as an ectoplasm. This character isn’t completely invisible as we can see its skeleton. It is wearing a purple coat with a hood while floating above the surface and dropping green goo as it goes. It is also wearing a blue beanie and black nerd glasses but this is a common theme with the majority of the NFTs in this popular collection. It last sold on OpenSea for 110 ETH.


4672 1

This character is riding the waves on a surfboard while holding coconut water in one hand. He also has a purple octopus on his head. This character is wearing yellow shorts and his body is made up entirely of water as well. As per the theme, this character is also wearing a blue beanie with black nerd glasses. Similar to the other NFTs, it also last sold on OpenSea for 110 ETH.

The success of this NFT collection is entirely because it had a very strong community that supported it from the beginning to date. There was an entire discord server that was dedicated to this collection and the server had over 300,000 users.

But that’s not all, the Invisible Friends NFT also has a major Twitter community and this community was the entire reason this collection blew up in the first place. Everyone was talking about it and caused a big hype before the collection was even launched.

The future of the Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends recently teamed up with the streetwear brand Kith to launch a smaller collection with some 1/1s and limited edition characters that sold upwards of 25 ETH.

They are also set to release a collection of 3D invisible friends for current holders and a line of “OG Toys” that will bring invisible friends into the real world with physical items.

Final verdict

If you’re considering buying a piece from the Invisible Friends NFT, this is a great time to do so. The prices are pretty stable and they’re going to shoot back up before the next launch. Since it is part of the Random Character Collective (RCC), investors and collectors believe that this project is bound to succeed and remain profitable.

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