KuCoin Referral Code 2022: Discounted Trading Fees + Bonus

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KuCoin Referral Code

It has never been a better time to get started with trading cryptocurrencies. Use our exclusive referral code to get discounted trading fees + bonus. The KuCoin referral code is rJUEYKM. Follow the instructions below to being traded on KuCoin.

  1. Register for a KuCoin account here
  2. Add the code rJUEYKM where it says ‘Referral Code (Optional)’.
  3. Complete the form and click ‘Sign Up’.
  4. Get verified and begin trading 100+ different cryptocurrencies
KuCoin Referral Code Sign Up
KuCoin Referral Code Sign Up

KuCoin Affiliate Program

Are you looking for a way to generate money without needing to trade? Join the KuCoin Affiliate Program now by using our KuCoin referral code rJUEYKM. If you join KuCoin as an affiliate, you will be able to invite additional people to trade with you and split 40% of the trading costs as commissions. 

The KuCoin Affiliate program is designed to reward affiliates that share KuCoin’s values and goals and are prepared to promote the exchange. Once approved, affiliates may generate a one-of-a-kind referral link that they can share with others. In addition, a list of signed-up users will be created for those who successfully register using the referral code. 

The affiliate will be paid commissions depending on the referee’s trading activity across all platforms, including Spot, Futures, and Margin trading.

Furthermore, if your invitee becomes a KuCoin affiliate, you will get a 5% additional trading fee commission from the sub-affiliate. Remember that if you can get a lot of high-volume users to join the site, you can get a lot of free rewards.

KuCoin Referral Program

Like the Affiliate Program, KuCoin offers rewards for users who sign up their friends and family through their Referral Program. This is open to everyone who wishes to earn bonuses from signing others up. Unlike the Affiliate program, it does not require any additional verification or approval to get started. Head over to your account and go to the ‘Referral’ tab to grab your custom referral code. 

KuCoin Review

KuCoin is one of the most well know and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Launched in 2017, KuCoin has one of the fastest-growing trading communities globally. All tokens on KuCoin are hand-picked by industry professionals and follow a comprehensive investigation before being eligible to trade. 

KuCoin Fees

The trading costs at KuCoin are among the lowest (0.1%). There are no monthly account fees, and withdrawal costs are comparable to those charged by other exchanges. Depositing cryptocurrency is free; however, depositing fiat (conventional) money such as USD or AUD will incur a fee. The price varies depending on how you send money and which third-party service you use.

KuCoin’s Large Userbase

KuCoin boasts that one out of every four cryptocurrency holders around the globe uses their platform to buy and sell crypto. An extensive client base offers a large sum of liquidity to the market, which allows for low volatility market swaps and accurate conversions across currencies. It also means you’ll be able to join a vibrant community of traders who speak your native tongue.

Staking on KuCoin

Users can earn a passive income by staking coins on KuCoin and reaping the advantages of joining the KuCoin community using the KuCoin referral code rJUEYKM. In addition, those who have more than six KCS (KuCoins token) have the chance to receive a daily bonus.

How Safe is KuCoin?

KuCoin is regarded as a secure exchange. It is, in reality, one of the most trustworthy crypto exchanges around. In addition, it has a substantial international platform and adheres to a variety of foreign regulatory regimes.

Trading on KuCoin?

You may begin trading right away since the exchange is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to all types of users, from experienced traders to novice crypto fans and investors. Furthermore, the exchange lets customers postpone full identity verification (KYC) until they begin trading 1 BTC or more. This makes trading, withdrawals, and deposits considerably more straightforward and faster, without waiting for KYC verification. Of course, KYC verification is always suggested to help protect your account and valuables on any site.

Additional Features

KuCoin provides many additional features, but you should consider whether or not you want to utilize them. Margin trading, for example, enables you to leverage your position by borrowing money to acquire additional cryptocurrency. However, leveraging should only be used by experienced traders since it makes cryptocurrencies, which are already a dangerous investment, considerably riskier.

KuCoin also has a mobile app that lets you employ trading bots. Trading bots may purchase and sell your cryptocurrencies for you, so you don’t have to keep track of the market. 

On the other hand, Crypto bots are not as advanced as Robo-advisors. Some, for example, have technological issues. Furthermore, it is not always evident how they are investing your funds, and you must be aware of the market trading tactics they use. 

KuCoin Referral Code: Discounted Trading Fees + Bonus

Get discounted trading fees and a referral bonus when you sign up with our KuCoin referral code.